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Training Camp, Part 1: Driven By Purpose

As we dive into this new series, we’re starting on something very fundamental. In fact, this is the fundamental on which the rest of the fundamentals are built. To be clear, we are not a fundamentalist church, we’re talking about a different kind of fundamental. Want to know more? Check out part one!


Weird Animals VBS (Vacation Bible School)

Things are about to get weird up in here! We will be doing A VBS this year (that stands for Vacation Bible School). Basically, it’s a week of great fun where kids learn about Jesus. It goes from Aug 11 – Aug 15th, from 9:00am – 12:00noon. And it’s for kids in Kindergarten through the…


Training Camp – A New Series Starts This Week!

It’s that time of year!!! As football fans across the country ready their remote controls, there is work being done in training camps. From High School to the NFL, football teams are in training to get ready for the coming football season. Well, we too have some training to do for our coming season as…


Joy Ride, Part 11: Generous Disciples

As we wrap up our Joy Ride series, going through the book of Philippians (If you’ve missed some of the sermons, you can check out the whole series by clicking here: we talk about the main purpose behind Paul’s writing of this letter to the church at Philippi. Generosity. Paul was very thankful for…


Joy Ride, Part 10: The House We’re Building

As we get to one of the most popular passages in the book of Philippians, we talk about the house we’re building with our thoughts. Simply put, “The thoughts we dwell on build the house we live in.”  


Joy Ride, Part 9: Enemies of God

In part 9 of the Joy Ride series, we talk about the fact that there are people who are living as enemies of God. It’s not a popular topic. None of us like to think about it. All of us would like to do away with this part of the Bible. But, that doesn’t get…


Joy Ride, Part 8: Got Your Rubbish Together?

What is the motivation behind the religious activities that we perform? As we talked about the first part of Philippians chapter 3, we looked at our underlying reasons for being religious. Ultimately we said that ‘Religion is the show we put on to show the world we have our rubbish together.’ Listen in as we talk…


Joy Ride, Part 7: Making A Name For Yourself

On this Father’s Day, we talked about making a name for yourself. It’s a desire that is probably built into all people, and especially men. We men want to leave our mark on the world. We want to know that when we die, we will be remembered. As we dig into Phil 2:14-18, we uncover…

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