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Freeway, Part 3: Responsibility, Ownership and Grace

In Part 3 of the Freeway series, we talked about the idea of responsibility and ownership. Whether the thing we have been made aware of (week 1) and discovered (week 2) was our fault or caused by someone else, we bear the responsibility for how we move forward from it. Listen in to Part 3…


Freeway, Part 2: Discovery

Last week we began a brand new summer series called Freeway. We are on a journey to freedom together. Last week, we talked about awareness, and this week builds on that – Discovery. First we have to be in a position to be aware. So that we can discover. As we talked about discovery, we…


Step 1 – Awareness

On Sunday, we started this new series called Freeway. As we got started, we prayed this prayer: “God will you let me know as much truth about me as I can bear?” And I encouraged you to pray that prayer throughout this week. So, I wanted to remind you of that today. Are you spending…


Freeway, Part 1: Awareness

  How aware are we of what’s going on around us? How aware are we of ourselves and the blindspots we might have? And what are the obstacles that keep us from being able to know what they are? As we get started in the Freeway series, we talk about awareness. If we are going…


The Disciples Project, Module 3: One Of These Things Is Not Like The Others

In this last talk in the “Do Justice” series, we talk about our walk. Going back to 1970, we took a look at a lesson Big Bird taught us – One of these things is not like the others. As we talked, we discovered that the world around us hasn’t really rejected the gospel, because…


Freeway: New Series Starts This Sunday!!!

This Sunday we start a brand new series! Last week, we finished up the 3rd module of “The Disciples Project” and this week, we are starting a series that I’m pretty excited about. All of us have things in our lives that weigh us down. There are things that keep us from moving ahead, taking…


The Disciples Project, Module 3: How Big Is Your Yes?

“You have to decide what your highest priorities are and have the courage – pleasantly, smilingly, nonapologetically – to say no to the other things. And the way to do that is have a bigger yes burning inside.” Stephen Covey “Courage is not living without fear, courage is being scared to death and doing the…


Pray Through Pentecost – 05/23/2015

  Fear. Fear drives us to do some crazy things. Fear is a powerful thing. It can keep us from making the right decision. It can keep us trapped in a way of life that is keeping us from seeing all that God designed us for. So many of us keep from stepping out in…

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