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10 Reasons You Should Come To The Block Party

Ten Reasons you should come to the Block Party on September 6th at 6:8 Church! The Big Bang Theory doesn’t come back until September 22, what else do you have to do? Two Words: Bounce Houses Three Words: Mini Elephant Ears Oregon doesn’t play Michigan State until 3:30pm, so you can come to the Block party…


Summer Sunset

Kids are getting ready to go back to school. Pumpkins are turning orange. The grass is all dried up and brown from not having rain all summer. Basically, the sun is setting on our 2014 summer. You might be sad about that. But not me! I love fall! And it’s not just because I love…


Block Party 2014

Prepare yourselves for some Awesome!  On Saturday, September 6th, from 11am – 4 pm, we are going to have a little fun. Okay, a lot of fun!!! We are going to have free food, bounce houses, games, entertainment and a kitchen sink. Okay, maybe not the kitchen sink, but almost everything! Will you come and…


Training Camp, Part 4: Excellence

This week in the Training Camp series, we talk about how important it is to live our lives with excellence. As we continue to look at Romans 12, we also look at 2 Pet. 1 to talk about the idea of excellence. Listen in to see how big a role excellence plays in our lives…


Training Camp, Part 3: Discipline

As we continue on in the Training Camp Series, we cover the topic of Discipline. It’s not a fun or popular topic to discuss, but it’s an important fundamental for being a disciple of Jesus Christ.


Training Camp, Part 2: Attitude

As we continue on in our Training Camp series, revisiting the fundamentals of being a disciple of Jesus, we talk about the important role our attitude plays in being a disciple with a take notice walk. Listen in as we talk about attitude in part 2 of the Training Camp series:


Training Camp, Part 1: Driven By Purpose

As we dive into this new series, we’re starting on something very fundamental. In fact, this is the fundamental on which the rest of the fundamentals are built. To be clear, we are not a fundamentalist church, we’re talking about a different kind of fundamental. Want to know more? Check out part one!


Weird Animals VBS (Vacation Bible School)

Things are about to get weird up in here! We will be doing A VBS this year (that stands for Vacation Bible School). Basically, it’s a week of great fun where kids learn about Jesus. It goes from Aug 11 – Aug 15th, from 9:00am – 12:00noon. And it’s for kids in Kindergarten through the…

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