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Turkey Deals for Tons of Turkey

We need a lot of Turkey by next Monday! Literally, Tons of Turkey. Will you help us out? We are estimating that we will have between 150-175 families come to the food pantry next week at our new time, Tuesday from 4-7pm. We really want to make sure every family gets a Turkey for their Thanksgiving…


The Disciples Project, Part 1: Redemption

Well, we finally get to it today! The big topic we’ve been waiting for throughout this whole first module of “The Disciples Project.” Redemption. What exactly is redemption? What is so important about being redeemed? In this module, that’s exactly what we talk about. We will learn what redemption is, and what it was that…


Called To Rescue, Sunday Nov. 16 @ 4:00pm

Called To Rescue Workshop This Sunday, November 19th, 4:00, here at 6:8 Church The organization Called To Rescue will be presenting a workshop on local sex trafficking issues and how you can be involved in helping rescue children trapped in this terrible crime.  We are invited to attend. Called to Rescue is a non-profit worldwide…


The Disciples Project, Part 1: Covenant of Grace

As we journey on through this first module of the Disciples Project, we come to this overarching theme of the entire Bible, that is the Covenant of Grace. It is expressed in the beginning of Genesis and fulfilled at the end of Revelation. But what is this Covenant of Grace? What is a Covenant? Listen…


The Fall Has Created An Ache

The fall has created an ache in us that can only be filled with grace.   “Ecclesiastes 3:11 says that God “has put eternity into man’s heart.” At some level, in the deepest parts of our soul, our soul remembers, however that happens, what life was like before the fall. At some really deep level,…


The Disciples Project, Part 1: The Fall

The fall has created an ache in us that can only be filled with Grace. Have you ever tried to play a badly scratched record? If you’re curious, you can listen in to see just what that sounds like. And it’s a great illustration for what happened to the world and humanity after the fall….


Tons of Turkey

Help us give a great Thanksgiving to local families! We are trying to give a bunch of local families a really great Thanksgiving. Every week, at the SixEight Food Pantry, we serve between 150 – 200 families. We are blessed to be able to partner with the Clark County Food Bank in serving them every…


How To Be Missional on Halloween

This is Halloween week! Unfortunately, some think that Halloween is the devil’s holiday. That’s too bad. You’re missing out on a great opportunity to be missional. If you think Halloween is for the devil, you probably just need to get over yourself. Even if it was the devil’s holiday, wouldn’t it be awesome if we…

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