Are you living up to your potential?

Do you feel like you have potential, but for whatever reason you never reach it?

Do you feel like you have a lot to offer? Maybe to the people around you, maybe to society at large? You're not quite sure, but you know you were made for more? Maybe you feel stuck in old habits and patterns of thinking and you just can't let go?
We think that's wrong. We believe that every human being is not only incredibly valuable, but has tremendous potential. You have a lot to offer!
You may not see it yet, you may not feel that way. But we do. Even if you don't believe it about yourself, we believe it for you! You're like an acorn. Right now, it just looks like a little acorn, but within that acorn lies all the potential for a mighty oak tree. 

We know what it feels like to know you have potential and not be able to discover it. 

In fact, our church is full of people who not only know what you feel like but are ready to walk with you on your journey to discovering your potential. 

Our #1 aim is to help you achieve that potential. We're not trying to make a name for ourselves. Our desire is to see people become what they were made to be.

We invite you to join us for a series called "letting go" (March 17-April 6) where we're going to learn how to let go fo what's fencing us in so we can embrace God's bigger plan for our lives.

If you are ready to start taking steps toward your potential, we're ready to walk with you on the journey.

You can choose to keep ignoring that feeling that you were made for more than this. You can choose to stay stuck. You can do that.

Or you can choose to do something.

The choice is up to you!

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6:8 is a family. We loved how welcomed we felt.

Kaycee M.

I love that we have a heart and put allot of effort into helping the people many would ignore or not have opportunity to help, especially young boys without a father in the picture

Russ M.

I love how 6:8 church is the only one I've been to where I don't feel judged. Everyone there has a past and we all come together to deal with that and grow together in our relationship with Christ.

Alannah B.

I love 6:8 because I feel like were all family. I feel safe. I feel such love from everyone. I can count on everyone if I have a problem, or I just need a hug. I am comfortable.

Shellie F.