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The Disciples Project, Module 2: Grace Driven Generosity and Creativity

Everyone loves to talk about grace. We’re amazed by it. We can’t believe we receive it. But when it comes to how we respond to grace with our lives and finances, now that’s a different story. Some might even groan out loud. But have we ever stopped to think about how we should respond to…


The Disciples Project, Module 2: The SixEight Process

“We become disciples over time, not at one time.” “If we’re not making disciples, we’re not fully discipled.” These two statements are exactly what we talked about in the 7th week of this module. To be more specific, what we talked about was the process we will use as a church for making disciples. It’s…

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Clark County Prayer Connect

On Sunday, you might have heard us announce that we are partnering with Clark County Prayer Connect. If you didn’t, now you have. Okay, there’s more to it than that. We are desperate to see a move of God in Clark County. We want to see God do things that only He can take credit…


The Disciples Project, Module 2: The Vine, The Branches and Trials

Jesus gave his disciples a very vivid illustration that is recorded in John 15. It’s a very familiar passage to many of us, but have we really dug into what Jesus is saying? What does it mean to be attached to the vine? What is the responsibility of a branch? Do we have a choice…


Baptisms, Sunday March 1st, 2015!!!

On Sunday, March1st, 2015, we will once again be celebrating baptism! We have been blessed to be able to baptize 20 individuals since September 1st of 2013. And we would be honored to be able to help you take this step in your walk as a follower of Jesus Christ! If you’re wanting to get baptized, contact…


The 50/270 Challenge

It’s so fun to be a part of what God is doing here at SixEight Church. I deeply hope you feel that way too. Is everything perfect? No. But, most of our problems are related to growth and mission. And those are the best kinds of problems to have! We have a deep desire to…


The Disciples Project, Module 2: Submission or Desertion and being Devoted To Prayer

You’ve probably heard the term before. Maybe even used it. “I’m shopping for a church.” It’s become a pretty normal thing to hear in churches now-a-days. But, as we talk about in this session of “The Disciples Project,” we need to be committed to community. It’s not enough to attend church, we need to be…


The Disciples Project, Module 2: Giving Our Lives To Take The Mask Off The World

How much time and energy has the church at large spent over the past 20-30 years trying to fit in with the world? How has that affected Christians? Are we spending too much time trying to fit in and not enough time trying to stand out and be different? These are all questions we talk…

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