Are you longing to be noticed?

Do you feel like you're blending into the crowd?

Do you feel like no one notices whether you're around or not? Or if they notice, do they care? Is that making you question why you should even bother being a part of a church?
We feel that's wrong. We believe every human being on the planet is uniquely and purposefully designed and deserves to be noticed and known. 
To us, you're not just a statistic. To us, you are an amazing person who has been made in God's image. That means you have incredible intrinsic worth and value.

We know what it feels like to go unnoticed. In fact, a lot of our church family has been through that.

At our church, it's pretty much impossible to go unnoticed. We care deeply about each person that comes through our doors. So many who have entered our building have found what you long for, a place to belong.

The Choice Is yours!

In the end, you will go from being a blurry face - desperate to be noticed - to being an integral part of our church family. You will no longer wonder what in the world you have to offer to knowing just how critical of a role you were designed to play.

We believe that everyone was created on purpose (there are no accidents) and that God had a purpose in mind when He created you. We want to help you discover what that is.

Or you can keep hiding in the crowd, drifting into oblivion just hoping to be noticed.

It's up to you!

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6:8 is a family. We loved how welcomed we felt.

Kaycee M.

I love that we have a heart and put allot of effort into helping the people many would ignore or not have opportunity to help, especially young boys without a father in the picture

Russ M.

I love how 6:8 church is the only one I've been to where I don't feel judged. Everyone there has a past and we all come together to deal with that and grow together in our relationship with Christ.

Alannah B.

I love 6:8 because I feel like were all family. I feel safe. I feel such love from everyone. I can count on everyone if I have a problem, or I just need a hug. I am comfortable.

Shellie F.