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Why you should be at Church on Sunday (and bring someone with you!)

I hope you’re havig a great week! It’s the most wonderful time of the year, but not just because of all the lights, cookies and get togethers. We are celebrating one of the aspects of our faith that is entirely unique. That is that God, who was God before He was born as the baby…


Elf, Part 2: When It’s Hard To Believe

In Part 2 of our Elf series, we talk a look at Walter and his struggle to believe throughout the movie. He can’t believe that Buddy is an elf. He can’t believe that Buddy is his son. And at the end of the movie, we see he just couldn’t believe the whole Santa thing. What…


Elf, Part 1: A Place To Belong

Elf is a fun Christmas movie, but as we go through this series, we will discover that the issues Buddy deals with in the movie are also familiar to us. Just as we see in this first week of the series! This week, we talk about how Buddy didn’t have a place to belong. He…


Elf – Christmas Series

Beginning Sunday, December 7th, 2014, we will begin our Christmas series – Elf. In the series, we will be taking themes from the popular movie, Elf (the one with Will Farrell) and see how they relate to our lives. If you’re not really a church person, and you’re looking for a place to try out…


The Disciples Project, Part 1: Resurrection & The Cost of Discipleship

This is it! The final week of this first module! Congratulations for those of you who have stuck with us through the whole module. I genuinely hope you have developed a deep sense of awe at the story of Redemption that encompasses you and I! In this final session in the first module we talk…


Way to be the Church, SixEight!

This has been an incredible week! We have watched you, God’s church at SixEight respond in an astounding way! Your response, coupled with some other organizations in the Hazel Dell & Vancouver Community has given us more that we could have imagined! And your generosity has blessed hundreds of families and way more people. It…


The Disciples Project, Part 1: Justification & Adoption

In our next to final session of this first Module of “The Disciples Project” we are coving the topics of Justification & Adoption. As we talk about how amazing the fact of redemption is, we realize that redemption in and of itself would be reason enough for us to celebrate. But God didn’t stop at…

Mark 420

Preparing The Soil – Ebook Download

As we were gearing up for Easter, we passed out a little eBook called, “Preparing The Soil.” It was a collection of some posts I had written here on the church blog as well as some new content just for the ebook. But, if you’ll recall we had a goal for our Easter services 420…

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