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Training Camp, Part 9: Adversity & Success

In this last installment of the Training Camp series, we talk about Adversity & Success. All of us are going to face Adversity and Success in our lives. And if we don’t have a plan for how we are going to handle it, we will get through it without being changed. And that very well…


Socks for Northwest Children’s Outreach – Why?

If you have visited us at SixEight Church, you know that we are all about Doing Justice. In fact, if you visit us, (and we remember to ask you to do it:) we donate a pair of socks to Northwest Children’s Outreach for every connection card we receive from a 1st or 2nd time visitor….


You Are Awesome!

Did you know that I think you’re awesome? It’s true. For everyone that calls SixEight home, I think you’re pretty awesome. I love how great our church is. I love all the great people that we get to do ministry with. We GET to do ministry with these awesome people. We don’t HAVE to, we…

Becoming Disciples Chart.001

The Next Three Years at SixEight Church

Yes, you read that right. Three Years. Two out of every three months for the next three years, our Sundays will be devoted to Becoming Disciples. Why? It’s simple really, our vision as a church is to be a church full of disciples making disciple-makers. We aren’t okay with having a bunch of people attend our…


Vision Sunday 2014

As we start into a new ministry season at SixEight Church, we stopped for just a moment to look ahead at where God is leading us. We also celebrated what God has been doing in the lives of 5 members of our body who took the step of going public with their faith through baptism….


Baptism: What’s The Big Deal?

In the church, we often stop to celebrate this things called Baptism. We know the ritual of it. Someone gets in the tank, someone else dunks them under the water and then they get out. In terms of getting someone clean, we’ve all seen cats do a better job washing themselves. So, what’s the big…


The Heart: Braggers and Beggars

Who are you when no one is looking? You know, that part of you that’s deep down inside of you that only you know. That part that can even deceive you from time to time. Who is that person? Too often we try to put on behaviors and things on the outside of our hearts…

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