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What’s Your Story?

Sharing Your God Story One of the most powerful tools we have at our disposal when it comes to shining the light of the gospel into our 8 to 15 is our story. Often times, we think the idea of sharing your faith is saved only for those who are really spiritual. We conjure up images of…


The Disciples Project, Part 1: The Reliable Word of God

In the second week of the first module of “The Disciples Project” we build on the unchanging truth of God by looking at the primary vehicle He uses to reveal that truth: The Bible. If God knows everything, made everything and never changes – He is the only one who gets to decide what truth…


Memory Verse Wallpaper: The Disciples Project, Module 1, Week 2

As a part of “The Disciples Project” we are trying to start memorizing and internalizing some parts of the Bible that correlate with what we’re learning that week. To help us do that, we are also making wallpaper for our computers and smartphones so we can have the verses in front of us. We highly…


“The Disciples Project”, Week 2: Daily Guide (Let’s Be The Exception)

Before you just scroll the to bottom and download the guide for the week, take a minute to read these words: As we go through “The Disciples Project” together, one of the most important facets of it is the Daily Guide. As we have discussed many times on a Sunday, it’s more important how we…


The Disciples Project, Part 1: Who is God?

This week is the official first week of our 3 year journey as a church called, “The Disciples Project”! And we are excited! We began Module 1, Understanding Redemption by talking about the really big topic of “Who is God?” What we learned is that God knows everything, made everything and never changes. This is…


Memory Verse Wallpaper: The Disciple Project, Module 1, Week 1

As a part of “The Disciple Project” we want to develop the habit of committing passages of scripture to memory. As a means to help us to this, we have created some wall paper with the verse to memorize for the week. Below you will see a computer wall paper and a smartphone wall paper….


The Disciple Project, Part 1: Introduction

This week we are starting something brand new that we are extremely excited about! We are calling it “The Disciple Project.” It’s a three year journey we are taking as a church in pursuit of becoming fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ. As a church we have tried a few different things in the pursuit…

A Collection of Images You Should Have

We have posted a bunch of different images to help encourage you. Our aim in giving you these wallpapers and images is to help encourage you throughout the week with things we have learned as a body on Sundays. I thought it would be a good idea to go back through and make a post…

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