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The Disciples Project, Module 2: Giving Our Lives To Take The Mask Off The World

How much time and energy has the church at large spent over the past 20-30 years trying to fit in with the world? How has that affected Christians? Are we spending too much time trying to fit in and not enough time trying to stand out and be different? These are all questions we talk…


The Disciples Project, Module 2: When everyone plays their part, and our defining characteristic is love, we will make a difference.

In our third week of this second module, we stopped to talk about the Body of Christ as it pertains to Spiritual Gifts as Paul describes in 1 Cor. 12. In the first talk, we discussed the idea: Everyone has a part to play, everyone plays their part.  As we discovered, Paul was pretty direct…


The Disciples Project, Module 2: The Radical Community and Where it all Went Wrong

Welcome to the second week of “The Disciples Project!” In this session we hit on two big topics. Radical Community for a Radical Mission When the early church movement became an institution. We continued in the new format of two shorter talks instead of one long one. In this post, you will find three options….


6 to 8 weeks – Everyone Bring One

We started this idea this past Christmas season. Everyone Bring One. We didn’t spend a lot of time pushing it. But it’s a very important concept for our church. I remember it clear as day. I was having a conversation with a leader at a church I used to work for. I have always been…


The Disciples Project, Module 2: Ekklesia and Pentecost

This week we started the second module in this journey we are on called “The Disciples Project.” And it’s an exciting module! We’re talking about this thing we call the church. In this week’s talk, we define terms and cover the birth of the church at Pentecost. If you’ve ever wondered what it means to…


Elf, Part 3: Searching For A Father

In our final installment of the Elf Series, we take a look at Buddy’s search for a father. What we see is that his search for his Dad is not that different from our search for our Father. As we look at the Christmas story, what we learn is that God is right here –…


10 Reasons You Should Bring Someone This Sunday

The last Sunday of our Christmas series, Elf, is this Sunday. To help funcourage you to bring someone, I thought I give you 10 quick reasons why you should actually do it! 1.) It’s Elf, Period. Do I even need to make the rest of the list? How many churches can you go to and…


Why you should be at Church on Sunday (and bring someone with you!)

I hope you’re havig a great week! It’s the most wonderful time of the year, but not just because of all the lights, cookies and get togethers. We are celebrating one of the aspects of our faith that is entirely unique. That is that God, who was God before He was born as the baby…

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