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Some People Are Rocking Tons of Turkey

        There are some amazing people at SixEight Church, and I wanted to share with you how some of them are working hard right now to gather enough turkeys for this year’s “Tons of Turkey.” These are normal people like you and I. They have families. They have expenses. They could all…


Turkey Deals 2015 for Vancouver WA

Can I just take a moment and say how thankful I am for you and others like you?! You are willing to help us help a bunch of families this Thanksgiving, and that speaks volumes to us here at SixEight. We aren’t a big church with big budgets, and we couldn’t attempt something like this…


Walk Humbly, Part 5: Clothed In Humility (No More Red Cup Christians)

You probably saw it on the news, in your Facebook feed or somewhere else online – the major controversy over Starbucks Red Cup. What’s the deal with the Red Cup, and what in the world does the Red Cup have to do with walking humbly? That’s exactly what we deal with this week as we…


Walk Humbly, Part 4: Humble Yourselves

“But he gives more grace. Therefore it says, “God opposes the proud, but gives grace to the humble.” – James 4:6 Listen in as Rob Goff, who oversees our youth at SixEight, helps us get a great understanding of James 4:1-10. What does it mean that God opposes the proud? Does pride have any place…

You Are Amazing

You Are Amazing!

A lot can happen between Sunday morning and Monday evening. No matter what has gone one since yesterday morning, I just wanted to remind you of something. You are amazing. You are. Truly. Amazing. I mean it. For realsies. And no matter what happened today, yesterday, last week, last month, last year or the last…


Help Me Help!

“Help Me Help” is a food drive like no other. It’s a turkey drive. We are trying to gather 500 turkeys to help families have a wonderful Thanksgiving this year. This year, we are hoping that groups of people will work together to provide 5 turkeys. It’s fun to provide a turkey by yourself, but…


Tons of Turkey 2015

Help us give a great Thanksgiving to local families! We’re at it again! Turkey, turkey, turkey! Why are we so crazy about turkeys? That’s a valid question. And no, there is no spiritual significance to the turkey. So, if you thought that was it, you’re mistaken. I guess there is that one verse in 2nd…


Walk Humbly, Part 3: It Takes Humility To Be In Community

There was this radical community that existed at the beginning of the church. We read about it in Acts chapter 2. They were radical. They shared things. They fellowshipped by choice and not by force. By all accounts, they were one of the most amazing communities that ever existed on the planet. We know this…

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