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The Church Just Wants Your Money, Part 4: There’s A Fly In My Food

Have you ever had a bad dining experience at a restaurant? Maybe you didn’t get what you ordered, it was prepared right, it took too long to get out of the kitchen or a hundred other things. I think most of us have experienced a dining experience that we didn’t quite care for. What does…


The Church Just Wants Your Money, Part 3: What The Bible Says We Should Do With Our Money

Last week, we talked about those things the Bible says we shouldn’t do with our money. This week, we are looking at what the Bible says we should do with our money. As we talked about it, we still discuss how the greatest struggle we are facing when it comes to money is that we are…


The Church Just Wants Your Money, Part 2: What The Bible Says We Shouldn’t Do With Money

Before we get to what the Bible says we should do with our money, we wanted to stop and take a look at some of the things the Bible says we shouldn’t do. As we said, our goal is not to get you to give more of your money to the church, instead it’s to…


The Church Just Wants Your Money, Part 1: Who’s On First?

You’ve heard the televangelists begging you for your money. You’ve probably heard of Creflo Dollar and his desire for the church to buy him a private jet – because that’s what he needed to be able to do ministry. The church has a reputation in our culture of wanting people’s money. In this series, we…


The Disciples Project, Love Mercy: Why Are Christians So Unlike Christ?

If you do a google search, you can find some humbling truths about Christians. Try it for yourself. Go to Google and type in the phrase, “Why are Christians so” and then just put a letter. Go through the letters of the alphabet. See what you discover? The question is raises is: Why are Christians…


The Disciples Project, Module 4: Love Mercy

Today, we look at what might be the most popular parable. It’s one we have talked about before. But, as we look at it, we realized there is a lot more to these few verses than we may have seen the first time around. The Good Samaritan is a parable that is often used to…

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Block Party 2015

Saturday, September 12th could quite possibly be the funnest day on NW 9th Avenue all year long. Why is that, you might ask? Well, because we are throwing a party and we love having a good time. Do you like to have fun? If you don’t, you should probably stay home. Will you come and…

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Family Worship Sunday – 08-30-2015

This Sunday, we will be inviting the kids to join us for a time of family worship! We will have nursery available for kids who aren’t yet in kindergarten, but we will be having a time all together as one family! What can you expect?  We will have a time of worship and a time…

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