I was going to try to find a female to write today’s post, but I didn’t want to start a cult. So, I thought I’d just take it on myself.

The truth is, I am very thankful for an abundance of clothes and shoes. Granted, I don’t have nearly as many shoes as the average female reading this post, but I still have enough pairs to choose from. I can choose between a few different styles if I want. And, (for the most part) my shoes keep my feet dry when walking in the rain. That’s pretty nice.

We also get to choose from all different kinds of clothes. We get to choose the style we want to wear, the kind of personality we want to express by our clothing choice. We get to choose if we want to wear warm clothes or if we want to let our skin breathe. We have so many clothes, we can probably go for weeks without wearing the same outfit twice.

I know the easy comparison is to contrast our abundance with those parts of the world that don’t have as much as we do. And I’m sure you’re already thinking that way as you read this post. But today, I want to contrast our abundance with those in our own world who lack it. And not even just the easy answers like the homeless. Not to downplay those, but there are plenty who need help.

What I would encourage you to do is to buy a pack of socks and share donate them to an outreach organization. Maybe donate a new pair of kids shoes or a nice winter jacket. Talk to almost any teacher and you’ll hear stories of kids coming to class wearing the same outfit many days in a row, not wearing a coat and not have shoes that fit.

So, stop for a moment and give thanks. If you put on a pair of socks and laced up a pair of shoes, you’re blessed. If you could choose from different outfits to wear to school or work, you’re blessed. If you stayed warm all day, you’re blessed.

Thank you God for Shoes and clothes.