An Ironic Easter

03 April, 2013

Post By : David Lindner

An Ironic Easter

Jesus said to his disciples,” I do not give as the world gives.” In that one sentence we find the entire message of the Gospel of Jesus. Maybe not in the mere words that are there, but in the meaning that lies behind them all.


In today’s message, our Easter message at Whipple Creek, we talk about Jesus’ resurrection in light of His death. When we celebrate the resurrection we see not only that Jesus rose from the dead, but at what cost He went to the grave.

When we understand all that happened in Jesus’ life and cruel death – His resurrection truly does become a new life for us.

Included in this post are the videos that we showed as a part of our Easter service. You can also listen to the speaking portion of the service below.

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Author David Lindner

David Lindner

I am blessed to be able to serve SixEight as the Lead Pastor. I am humbled to have been brought into this role and am very excited about what God wants to do in me and us through this. I grew up in the church and have been a worship pastor for the last decade. I am married to a wonderful woman and have four amazing children.

One thought on “An Ironic Easter

  1. Mary ( 5 years ago )

    Right at 4 minutes into the video , ” the fifth cup” ….. the words, ” YOU WERE WORTH IT” stood out Sunday and brought me to tears !! It was been a blessing to meditate on that phrase over and over and over this week. It is everso helpful in re-programming my heart and mind, right now. Prayerfulllly thankful and sincerely, Mary

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