Investigating Jesus, Part 1: Why Did Luke Write His Account of Jesus?

24 September, 2017

Post By : David Lindner

As we get started in a brand new sermon series, we dig into Luke’s stated purposes for writing his account of Jesus. As we will discover, Luke the physician was very intentional and methodical in his approach to investigating the facts surrounding the life of Christ. His approach is going to define how we should read his account. If you’re questioning Jesus or you’ve just been unsure if this was something that actually took place, join us as we dig deep into the evidence we have for our faith.

Author David Lindner

David Lindner

I am blessed to be able to serve SixEight as the Lead Pastor. As a pastor, my first aim is to follow God, my primary ministry is to my wife and 4 kids. They are amazing! When it comes to our church family, I get the pleasure of leading our church to follow God. This is truly a gift that God has given to our family, and we are honored and humbled to serve Him in this capacity at SixEight!

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