68-kids6:8 Kids

On Sundays we also have events going on for your kids. They are environments that are safe for your kids so you can enjoy your time in the Worship Service.

Waumba Land

Waumba land is our environment for kids ages 0 to 4. We have a space for infants and babies, as well as a play area for the older kids.

Waumba Land is a weekly environment created especially for your infant through preschool age child. Nothing is more important for your young child than beginning to understand who God is. Every Sunday we take advantage of this opportunity to introduce your child to their loving Heavenly Father.

We want your child to know God as their Creator, their Heavenly Father, and their Friend. There are three basic truths that we want every preschooler in Waumba Land to have mastered before they graduate to 6:8 Kids.

Three Basic Truths

  1. God Made Me
  2. God Loves Me
  3. Jesus Wants To Be My Friend Forever

6:8 Kids

6:8 Kids is the place for kids in Kindergarten – 5th Grade at SixEight church! Kids can connect with other kids, adults who really care, and more. In 6:8 kids, we want to help kids discover the truth of God’s word so they can have a personal relationship with him.