The Disciples Project Archives

We are on a journey as a church that we are calling “The Disciples Project.” We have decided to take 3 years, and dig into what it means to be a disciple of Jesus Christ. Jesus spent 3 years training the disciples who changed the world. What would happen if we spent three years doing the same thing?

Below you will find the talks for each week of the Disciples Project (There are a few weeks missing that didn’t get recorded). We invite you to listen in and join the journey of becoming a true follower of Jesus.

Module 3: What Does It Mean To Do Justice?

  1. Why Do Justice? Part 1
  2. Why Do Justice? Part 2
  3. The Greatest Injustice of All.
  4. What Is Justice (No Audio)
  5. The Great Banquet (No Audio)
  6. Doing Justice Means Dropping The Justifications.
  7. Submission or Desertion and Being Devoted To Prayer. (No Audio)
  8. How Big Is Your Yes?