A couple of weeks ago I wrote a funny little post about 10 reasons NOT to invite someone to Easter. Today, I wanted to share with you 10 reasons you SHOULD invite someone to Easter.

In case you didn’t know, this coming Sunday is Easter Sunday. It’s a pretty big deal for us as followers of Christ because it represents the day that Christ overcame the power of death, and it’s that event that gives us our hope for a future with Him. So, this is a great day to invite people to check out SixEight Church.

  1. 90% of people invited to an Easter Service will say yes.
  2. If you don’t invite them, who will?
  3. Easter is on 4/20 and what better way to celebrate 420 than to go to the biggest celebration of all time!
  4. It’s better than your favorite movie.
  5. Two words: Free Coffee
  6. When they come with you, it looks like you have groupies.
  7. You might be inviting them to the place they belong.
  8. They are looking for a church that is involved in the community.
  9. This isn’t your grandma’s church.
  10. You inviting them to Easter could be the most important invitation they ever receive.