The fact that I can sit in my office and write a simple blog post about freedom is a huge indicator of the level of freedom we get to enjoy in our country. There are plenty of places in the world where freedom doesn’t exist in such a way that people are allowed to share their own thoughts. If they share a thought, it has to resonate with the thoughts of the leaders.

However, when you are so far removed from the cost associated with that freedom, it’s easy to take it all for granted. Even worse, it’s easy to think we’re entitled to such liberties and think that someone ought to fight for my freedom.

I fear many of us are in that place. I fear we are in a place where we take for granted the lives that were sacrificed on battlefields around the world so that we could sit on our couches and watch the Big Bang Theory. I fear that we believe we deserve these freedoms and that someone else should pay the price for us to enjoy these freedoms. I fear that we don’t just take it for granted, but that we think we deserve our couch and liberty – no matter the cost to others.

Today, as we not only stop to give thanks for these freedoms, let’s also give thanks for the veterans in our lives who have fought to preserve our ability to grumble and complain about all the things we think we deserve.