“Some day, when I’m awfully low, when the world is cold, I will feel aglow just thinking of you and the way you look tonight.”

So much of our existence is defined by the music we listen to. Our mood can go from slightly depressed to extremely overjoyed, simply by listening to the right song. We can go from happy to sad by listening to a heart-wrenching song. We can describe things with music that we can’t put words to on our own.

“…Some’ll win, some will lose, some are born to sing the blues.”

Our lives are saturated with music, photography, graphic design and many other kinds of art forms, that we all likely take for granted. Sure, you probably enjoy listening to music, cranking up some tunes on the way home from work, but when was the last time you stopped to be thankful for it?

How about the artistry that is involved in graphic design that permeates our advertising. We don’t have to just look at advertisements that are screaming for our attention, we get to look at artistically designed advertisements that are pleasing.

God has created us to be creative, artistic beings. The work that God rested from was the work of creating. On the 6th day, when God rested, he was resting from having created the world. And since we are created in His image, we too are expressing our very identity when we create and when we enjoy the things that are creative.

One of the most wonderful times of year is right around the corner, and how do we usher it in? WITH MUSIC!!!

Just ask our staff, for the past few minutes I’ve been forcing them to enjoy music. From Frank Sinatra to Journey, Phil Driscoll to Elevation Worship. What a blessed society we live in. We can get on our computer and look up a thousand different versions of a million different songs. We could start listening to music today, and listen for the rest of our lives without ever repeating the same song.

What a great God to surround us with such awesome creativity. I hope today you take the time to enjoy some of the music God has put in your life. And you have my permission to crank it up, sing it out at the top of your lungs, do the best stoplight dancing you can and be truly thankful for the music and art God has put in our lives!