You can tell how entitled a society is by what it complains about. When you are complaining about how long it takes the police or ambulance to respond, the chances are pretty good we’re in a pretty entitled society. Don’t get me wrong, if I had a loved one who needed medical attention and the ambulance was slow in arriving, I’d probably be upset too. That doesn’t make me right.

The fact is, most of us are pretty fortunate. The worst I found in a quick search was 58 minutes in some parts of Detroit. Sure, that’s a long time if you’re in an emergency situation. Others though, in big cities was around 10-12 minutes. And in smaller towns it was shorter still.

Contrast that with parts of the world where there is no emergency response, we’re pretty blessed. Imagine not even having a number to call. And if you called it, there’d be no one on the other end of the line to come to your aid. If you got deathly ill, it would be your responsibility or the responsibility of your family to get you to a doctor, which would probably be quite a ways away. If your life was in danger, you’d probably be left to defend yourself.

When you stop for just a minute to think about how blessed we are in regards to safety and security, it seems silly to complain about how long it takes for help to come.

Add to that the billions of dollars a year being spent on home security, the availability of things to protect ourselves in case of an attack, devices to help save us if we needed, and we live in a very safe and secure part of the world.

Take some time today to stop and thank God for all the safety and security in your life.