We really are a blessed nation. That’s one of the things I really hope we realize as we go through this month. We have so much to be thankful for. And even those who seem to struggle have so much more than those who have a lot in other parts of the world. Think about that, there are some places in the world where the rich people have less than the poor in our country.

I know it’s not always easy, but we really should be thankful. It’s not easy because our frame of reference doesn’t include a knowledge of those who have so much less. And what we see around us is all the struggle. What we see around us is how hard we’ve been fighting and how hard we’ve been working. And all we see is how little we have compared to others around us. All we see is how much others have and how little we think we have.

But, we have it so good in our country. We have it so good. We have so much Take a look at this graph. See just how much greater the average living space is in America compared to other countries. And this is just a chart of the wealthy countries in the world. This doesn’t cover places like China where the average is 9.1 Square meters. That’s about 27 Square feet.


So, I really hope you’re thankful today for the roof you have over your head. And the heat you have keeping you warm. It’s a wonderful blessing!