We live in the Northwest. The home of Starbucks, Seattle’s Best, Coffee People, Stumptown and boutique coffee roasters like Coava. Kids don’t grow up drinking Mt. Dew and other carbonated beverages, they grow up drinking one of God’s most divine creations – Coffee. Coffee is a part of most of our favorite Christmas movies, it’s a favorite part of our day, it’s what we gather over and what brings us comfort in uncomfortable social situations.

Coffee is a neutralizer. It breaks down barriers and settles the soul.

Okay, you might think I’m going overboard, but if you’re a coffee lover like myself, then you understand what I’m talking about. And it is a blessing from God that we get to have something so good with so much variety. There are so many different roasts and flavor combinations. You could probably have a different coffee drink every day for a year and not repeat. There are blogs about coffee and people who have devoted their lives to learning how to make the best roast possible.

One of the reasons it’s something worth being thankful for is because it speaks of God’s creativity. It’s pretty amazing that we can have hundreds of different varieties of coffee. That’s a creative God.

But, even if you don’t like coffee, you have your version of coffee to be thankful for. Maybe it’s tea, maybe it’s diet coke. Maybe you wake up and drink a big glass of milk, or you come home and have a big glass of southern style sweet tea. Whatever it may be, it’s that thing that brings you comfort. It’s something that brings rest for your soul. It’s like hitting the reset button on your day. It’s like giving your soul a moment to breath.

Whatever it is you enjoy, thank God for your version of Coffee!