Why 30 Days of Thanks?

Today we are beginning a journey together that will take us through the month of November. My hope is that we will truly be a community of thankful people. We are told to give thanks or read of people giving thanks over 140 times in the Bible. The people of the Bible knew they had a lot to be thankful for. Of course, there are plenty of times where we see that they forget how much they had to be thankful for as well.

And that’s one reason I want us to focus on being thankful. Because, it’s so easy to forget just how blessed we are. It’s far to easy to complain instead of give thanks. Maybe you’re not one of us who struggle with it, but I know that for me, it can be extremely easy to complain about how I don’t have “this” thing or “that” thing, how “this” hasn’t happened for me yet, how I’m still dealing with “that” and how I can’t wait until “this” is over.

And I’m going to be honest with you, I want us to be a thankful community at SixEight for two reasons. First, we are blessed and have much to be thankful for. God has blessed us even beyond our ability to recognize His blessings – so we need, no we must be a thankful people. Second, people like to be around thankful people. I know you do, as do I. When you’re around someone who’s thankful, don’t you feel better about everything? That’s exactly the kind of community we need to be. And not just because we have so much to be thankful for, but because the world needs us to be thankful. We are the most blessed people on the planet. We have been saved by the grace of God.


Every day we will focus on a different area for which we should be thankful. There will be a post on this blog about that area. But, then what I’m hoping we can rally to do is to express our thanks through whatever forms of social media we use. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+. Use the hastag #my68thanks at the end of your post, and then we’ll gather them all. Then you can check over on tagboard to read them all: http://tagboard.com/my68thanks

So, if you’re on Facebook, just write or say what you’re thankful for that day and add the hastag #my68thanks to the end of it. If you’re on Twitter, write your tweet or share your pic and add the hastag #my68thanks to the end of it. On Instagram, take a picture of what you’re thankful for and add the hashtag #my68thanks in the description.

So, as we go through the month of November, let’s me the most thankful people around. Let’s be the people that everyone else wants to be around because we’re so thankful!


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