Stand Proud!

We’ve got a lot of great apparel and merchandise options available for purchase online. (We do have a few choices at the church, but there is a much greater selection online!)

Simply click on the design you would like to order, and you will be taken to a place called “TeeChip.” You can make your order there, and it will be sent directly to you. As you scroll through the options, you will probably recognize some of the designs because you’ve seen people at SixEight wearing them. That should help you know it’s safe to order!

Below you will see samples of the main graphic for each design. This does not mean it is only a shirt, some of the designs have phone cases, hoodies, tank-tops, etc. All of the designs have different shirt color choices. Simply click on the available products menu to the right of the shirt.

Click on the shirt you would like to order:


Do Justly

SixEight Rising My SixEight 6-8 Green Hoodie SixEight Dots Forever Changed Do Love Walk - 2 Do, Love, Walk And

Five Is Implied