Next Steps

Do you have questions about God?

If you do, we would absolutely love to talk to you about them. You can contact us, or call us (360-576-0210) and schedule a time to come in and chat.


If you have put your faith in God but haven’t been baptized, we would be honored to baptize you! Click here to learn more about baptism, and if you’re ready to take the plunge (literally), we’ll walk you through the process!

Try a group

From time to time we have small groups that get together. The point of these groups is community, commission and compassion. We want to get to know the other people in our family, we want to be about the mission God has given us in the great commission (Matthew 28) and we want are passionate about being compassionate. We will have a group starting soon with the goal of giving you the basics of who we are as a church and connecting you to a ministry or place to serve.

Get Serving

We aren’t a church where a few people serve while the rest sit and watch. We don’t think that’s the way church is supposed to be. We all have a role to play in this body, and if someone isn’t doing what they were created to do, the whole body suffers. Ready to get serving?


Maybe you’re all ready to be all in, if you are, one of the crucial parts of being a part of any church (not just our church) is giving out of the abundance God has blessed us with. If you’re there, then you can take that step here.