Our Values

SixEight Church’s Vision

Building up believers who live their lives because of God’s love in their Monday through Sunday lives.

SixEight Church’s Mission

Disciples who Do Justice, Love Mercy and Walk Humbly.


The DNA of SixEight Church

We are trying to be different. On Purpose. Not just by accident. For that to happen, we have to intentionally look at everything we do as a church and ask, is this what God had in mind when he sent His son to die on a cross for the world? As a church, we are willing to do away with anything that doesn’t help us reach that end. We don’t cling to the way things have been done, just because they’ve always been done that way. This process may take us some time, and we are okay with that. But, we are looking for people who are willing to join us in trying to pave a new road for the Church.


Foundations For Ministry

  1. Jesus: (Hope)
    • The Gospel drives everything that we do. Our worship, our discipleship, our teaching our community are all driven by the Gospel. Jesus’ death on the cross paid the price for our ransom, setting us free from the hold sin and death had on us. Jesus’ resurrection proves his power over sin and death and exemplifies the power that is alive in all believers. Jesus’ ascension and the sending of the Holy Spirit partially fulfills the promise of God dwelling with his people, while at the same time giving us the power (the same power that resurrected Jesus) to live a transformed life.
    • As an individual: When I put my belief in Jesus, I reorder my entire life around Him and His mission. Jesus is not something I try to squeeze into my life when it’s convenient, He is the cornerstone on which everything in my life is built.
    • As a church: We exist to make much of Jesus. He must become greater, we must become less. We are not trying to build the kingdom of SixEight, we are building God’s Kingdom. Jesus is the hope of the world and we will share that hope with as many who will listen.
    • Key Scriptures:
      • 1 Peter 2:1-10
      • Eph. 2:11-22
    • Other Resources:
  2. Love:
    • In the world today, Love is a moving target. Everyone tends to define love in very selfish ways. Love seems to be about getting someone else to meet my needs for the rest of my life. Marriages fail because it’s impossible to be in a relationship in this way. If you exist only for me, and both people see the relationship in this way, the whole thing crumbles. Love as God defines it is entirely different.
    • As an individual: It is my responsibility to love the people God has placed around me. They may not know it, but God put them in my life so I could love them with God’s unconditional, undying love. I will love my brothers and sisters in the family of God as though they are a part of my own body, because they are. I will love those outside the family because they are made in God’s image. I will not condone the corruption I see in their lives, neither will I condemn them for being corrupt.
    • As a church: We are joined and connected by God’s love. We will treat one another with that love. We will not allow our selfishness to create divisions, but we will lay down our preferences for the good of the whole. We love the community around us with an undying love, because God has placed us where we are to reach the ones that no one is reaching. We love because He first loved us.
    • Key Scriptures:
      • 1 Corinthians 13
      • Matthew 5:43-48
      • John 15:1-17
    • Resources:
  3. Faith:
    • We like knowing where our next meal is coming from. So, we live our lives in a such way that we are able to know with some certainty that we will have enough for that meal. We are planners who like to know the details in advance. But, it doesn’t always work that way with God. In fact, our very mission is one that requires Big, bold faith – change the world. If we are going to be about doing God’s business, we will also have to be people of big faith.
    • As an individual: I will live my life with big faith. God has empowered me, through the gift of the Holy Spirit to do greater things. I will not only live my life by the tangible, but will stretch beyond what I can see into the blessings of the unknown. It is not enough for me to claim faith, but this faith must also express itself in my life.
    • As a church: We will not make decisions based only on what we know and what we are comfortable with. In fact, we understand we will have to get outside our comfort zone if we are going to experience more of what God has for us. We will not play it safe. We will not do what we’ve always done. We will follow God’s direction for our church, wherever He leads us, even if we don’t have the resources at our disposal to do so.
    • Key Scriptures:
      • Eph 3:14-21
      • Heb 11
      • James 2:14-26
    • Resources:
  4. Grace & Truth:
    • We see the perfect union of Grace and Truth in Christ Jesus. One of the most poignant examples of this was on the Cross, where Jesus who, though he was being unjustly punished and crucified chose to forgive those who we committing this atrocity. The truth of the matter was Jesus didn’t deserve to die. Jesus’ response? Grace. He actually advocated for his accusers to the Father while He was on the cross. What should our lives look like if this was our example?
    • As an individual: I know that grace and truth are intricately intertwined, so I will not build my life on one without the other. I will be gracious to those around me, but I cannot compromise the truth in the process. I will speak the truth, but I cannot compromise grace.
    • As a church: Without grace, the truth is just harsh. Without truth there is no need for grace. There is truth that God has created. God designed the operating system and built it on His wisdom. The more we operate in line with God’s design, the more we will thrive. However, we will not use God’s truth as a sledgehammer to bully those who don’t believe. We will be gracious to those who haven’t yet been set free from the bondage of corruption by God’s truth, not accepting the corruption, but pointing graciously to redemption.
    • Key Scriptures:
      • John 1:14-18
    • Resources:
      • https://68church.com/good-trees-part-1-grace-truth/
      • “This constant undivided union of two perfect natures in Christ’s Person is exactly that which gives infinite value to His mediation and qualifies Him to be the very Mediator that sinners need. Our Mediator is One who can sympathize with us, because He is very MAN. And yet, at the same time, He is One who can deal with the Father for us on equal terms, because He is very GOD.” – J.C. Ryle
  5. Worth:
    • We live in a culture that ascribes worth based on our ability to accomplish and achieve certain standards. The higher we can climb on the corporate ladder, the more valuable we are. The more we can prove to the world that we are able to handle all the stress of raising a family and still present a perfect facade to the world around us, the more we have value. Essentially, we have to work to achieve our value. But, according to God, we were created with value, because we were made in His image. Every human being has value. But, that image was marred by our disobedience to God. Apart from Christ, our image is veiled in corruption. In Christ, we are a new Creation, and God is at work redeeming the image of God in all who believe. We also see our worth in Jesus’ death. Something is worth what someone is willing to pay for it, and Jesus paid for us with His life.
    • As an individual: I am made in God’s image. That means I have incredible worth and value. That image was marred because of the fall, but because of the work of Christ, that image is being restored in me. I see others in this same light with the hope that they too will begin the relationship that can redeem the image of God in them.
    • As a church: Something is worth what someone is willing to pay for it. God paid a great price for each soul that will believe in Him. Because of this we are driven to redeem the image of God in all mankind.
    • Key Scriptures
      • Genesis 1:26-27
      • Romans 1:23
      • Colossians 1:15-20
      • 2 Corinthians 3:17-18
    • Resources
  6. Potential:
    • Most of us underestimate just how much God has created us to do. We, because we our own shortcomings and weaknesses think we are too broken, messed up and used up to be of any good. The problem is, we are looking at our lives from the perspective of the pile of clay, for that is what we are. We can only discover our potential when we allow the potter to take control of molding and shaping us into what He wants us to be. The only way to realize our potential is to surrender control of it. This is why we are called to be living sacrifices, dying daily to what this world is telling us we should be and allow God to transform us into what He see we can be.
    • As an individual: God created me on purpose and for a purpose. Because of this, I must act on this purpose and use my purpose to the highest potential. Because of this, I can see the potential in those around me. For those who are in Christ I will help push them towards their potential. For those who are not in Christ, I will try to help them see they have unrealized potential they could experience in Christ.
    • As a church: We are driven to help everyone learn and realize their God-given purpose. We want to help as many as we can know how God created them, understand their strengths and talents and help them use those for the praise of God’s glory. We will do our best to help people not only know their gifts, but put them into action.
    • Key Scriptures
      • Isa 43:1-7
      • Eph 1:11-14
      • Eph 2:10
      • Phil 1:3-6
      • Jeremiah 18:3-4
      • Isa 29:16
      • Isa 64:8
    • Resources:
  7. Transformation:
    • Before coming to Christ, we were operating on an operating system that has been corrupted by a virus. Coming to Christ means we surrender our lives to His high ways. Through the work of the Spirit, reading and absorbing His word and the encouragement/accountability of Christian community, God seeks to rewrite the faulty, corrupted code with the code He intended for us from the beginning.
    • As individuals: I understand that the work of Jesus is not only about getting to heaven, but that He wants to transform me from my habits and patterns of corruption into the likeness of himself. Therefore, I refuse to say “that’s just who I am.” I am no longer defined by corruption, I am defined by redemption.
    • As a church: God’s operating system has been corrupted. We want to see people set free from the virus of corruption. This will require transformation. It’s okay to not be okay, it’s just not okay to stay that way. We will lead people to live transformed lives through an atmosphere of Grace and Truth.  
    • Key Scriptures:
      • Romans 12:1-2
      • 2 Cor. 5:17
      • Eph 4:24
      • John 17:15-19
    • Resources:
  8. Family:
    • Family is permanent. Unlike so many things in our world, family is still something that carries on. Family is also being dismantled by our society. So, not only do we need to ensure that we are building up individual families in the ways of God’s truth, we need to build up the church family.
    • As individuals: We are a part of a family, and it is on me to build deep, meaningful relationships with other members of my family. I do not see this community as something to be used to my own advantage, I see it as a privilege to be a part of it.
    • As a church: We believe in the two institutions of family we see in Scripture. The biological and spiritual family. We will seek to build up and encourage the biological families that make up our church, with the understanding God has a specific design for families and that being committed to a church family is a part of having a healthy biological family. We also seek to treat our church as a spiritual family. It is something we take very seriously, when you are a part of SixEight, you are a part of our family. Once you’re here, you’re family. Because of this, we take commitment to church very seriously.
    • Key Scriptures
      • Hebrews 10:23-27
      • 1 Cor. 12:12-13:13
      • Romans 12:3-21
      • Eph 5:22-6:4
    • Resources:
  9. Gratitude:
    • Gratitude is the opposite of entitlement. Entitled thinking starts with the thought “I deserve.” Grateful thinking starts with the thought, “I didn’t deserve.” Gratitude should be the natural response for every believer because we understand that Grace is getting what we don’t deserve. In the same way, mercy is no getting what we do deserve. God does not punish us as our sins deserve, Jesus took that punishment for us. Our response must be gratitude.  
    • As individuals: It is not happy people who are thankful, it is thankful people who are happy. God has blessed me in such an abundant way, that there is no way I could ever mention it all. I could never repay him for the work He has done, so I will respond to this gift with immense gratitude.
    • As a church: We will be thankful for all that God has done, all that God has given to us and everything along the way. We understand that gratitude is not just for the good seasons, but that we must learn to be thankful in all circumstances because God is working everything for our good. We will lead by example.
    • Key Scriptures:
      • 1 Thessalonians 5:18
      • Colossians 3:17
      • Philippians 4:6
      • Luke 17:12-19
    • Resources:
  10. Integrity: (Righteousness)
    • When you live in a society that is attempting to do away with guilt through legislation, you realize that it becomes more and more difficult to try to hold anyone to any moral standards. However, that does not excuse the Christ follower from adapting their life to God’s standards. He has put these standards in place for our own benefit, and when we live according to them we thrive. Followers of Jesus are accountable for the lives they live. They are accountable to Christ as well as to other believers.
    • As individuals: I understand that living rightly is not an attempt to earn my salvation but is a response to the free gift of God’s salvation. The life I live among those who don’t know Christ is the primary way people will see the light of Christ in me. If there is no difference between the way I think and live and the way of the world, how will they ever know what they are missing. Therefore, I will live my life as God says I should live it, knowing that with each command He gives comes what’s best for me.
    • As a church: We will operate in a way that is consistent with our values and with scripture. When we make mistakes, we will own them and repent of them. We will set an example of integrity for the unbelieving world around us.
    • Key Scriptures:
      • Proverbs 28:6
      • 1 John 3:7
      • Isa 33:15-17
      • Romans 8:1-6
      • 1 John 5:18
      • Philippians 2:1-5
      • 1 Cor. 12:26
    • Resources:
  11. Stewardship:
    • A steward is someone who manages someone else’s resources. God has entrusted us as individuals and as a church with His resources. He wants us to use those resources to build His Kingdom. We’re not just talking about money, though that is a part of it. Your strengths, talents, time, family, job, neighborhood, community, etc. are all a part of God’s ‘oikonomia’ – God’s economy. How are you doing at managing these things God has entrusted to you?
    • As Individuals: God has blessed me with amazing resources. Whether those are physical or spiritual, God has lavished me with abundance. Therefore, I will use these resources wisely. I will make the most of everything I receive, stretching it as far I can. I will not hoard these resources to myself, but will do my best to share and build God’s kingdom.
    • As a Church: We will be a good steward of the resources God has entrusted to us for the purpose of building His kingdom. We will do anything we can to ethically stretch the finances that come in. We will take care of the facility, grounds and assets God has provided. We will care for the people God brings us. We do not use people to accomplish the mission, the people are the mission.
    • Key Scriptures:
      • Proverbs 11:24-26
      • Luke 12:22-34
      • Proverbs 3:27
      • John 10:10
      • 2 Cor. 9:6-15
      • Luke 19:11-27
  12. Prayer
    • Jesus Consistently prayed. The Early church was devoted to prayer. Prayer is our connection and communication with the living God. We do not just have a God whom we worship by uttering meaningless phrases. We have a God who wants to “commune” with us. God wants us to be in a deep relationship with Him, and no relationship is deep without consistent communication.
    • As an Individual: I will be committed to spending regular time each day in prayer. I will communicate with my Father. I will not treat God as a genie that exists for granting my wishes, I will treat Him as the Father who wants me to know Him. I will humble myself to be in a position to receive from God. I will forgive others the same way I have been forgiven. I will trust God to provide for my needs. I will seek to live my life in such a way that God’s will is fulfilled in the same manner His will is fulfilled in Heaven.
    • As a church: We understand that we must be devoted to prayer. This is one of the key attributes of the early church. We will come to God for more than our needs as a church, but to seek to know Him and His heart for our body as well as His plan to reach those in our community. We don’t see prayer as a last resort, we see it as a starting point.
    • Key Scriptures:
      • Daniel 9:18
      • Psalm 34:15
      • 1 John 5:14
      • James 4:3, 5:16
      • Matthew 6:5-15

Core Values


  • Jesus was passionate about us. We are passionate about Him. We are passionate about following Him.

People (Dignity, Respect & honor)

  • People are made in the image of God and deserve to be treated with dignity & Respect. People are not a means to an end. People are the mission.


  • We believe there is truth that God has laid out for us in His word. We value studying his word, Teaching His word and equipping people to be able to live by His Truth.


  • Everyone has a role to play in the body and we desire for everyone to do their part. Ministry is not a vocation it is a way of life. God is assembling a body at SixEight, and everyone God brings has a specific purpose.

Gratitude over entitlement

  • Every good and perfect gift comes from the Father. Everything we have is a gift of God, we are overwhelmed with gratitude for what He has given us.


  • We want to be disciples who shine the light in every situation. We don’t want to shine our light around believers, then hide it around non-believers. Shining the light means living out our faith in our day to day lives. There is no separation between who we are on Sunday and who we are on Monday.

Positivity & Encouragement

  • We are the purveyors of hope. We have reasons for our hope. We see the world around us through unveiled eyes, enlightened by the hope of the Gospel for all humanity. The world is broken, but we have the solution.


  • We have been given much, we will seek to be exorbitantly generous toward the church, other believers and the world around us.

Perseverance & Accountability

  • We love to see people who follow through, no matter how hard the task. We value people who stick with things for the long haul. It drives us crazy when people would rather leave the church instead of working through a problem.

Initiative, Courage & Action

  • We love it when people take ownership of 6:8. When an owner sees something that needs to be done, they do it. If it’s outside their comfort zone, they still courageously act.


  • The call of following Christ is a shift in thinking. I am no longer consumed with “what’s in it for me” thinking. I am now consumed with “what can I do for you” thinking.

Creativity & Innovation

  • Being made in God’s image means we are the only beings on the face of the planet that have the ability to create. When we exercise this creativity, we are honoring the God who made us.

Hard-work & Reliability

  • Sometimes there’s a lot of hard work that needs to be done. We not only value people doing hard work, but being able to depend on someone who says they will do something that they will actually get it done.




What Do You Think?

Does this sound like something you want to be involved in? Maybe it’s time for you to get in touch and check us out? You can contact us via the contact page, follow us on twitter or like our Facebook page, or just show up on a Sunday for service, or show up at the Food Pantry on Wednesdays to serve. Either way, if you agree with what we’re trying to do, we need you.

And that’s the thing. It does you no good to just agree with us. But, what will do you good is to get involved. We are an active church. There are plenty of churches and organizations where you can be a passive attender. But, what God has given us to do, requires action. It requires us to be active in our church, it requires us to be active in our community and it requires us to be active in the lives of people around us.

On a different note, if what you have just read makes you mad, we would ask you why? Why are you mad about this? Are you mad because you think church is supposed to be done differently? Or are you mad because you want to do this at your church, but you know that’s not going to happen? Maybe you’re mad because you know it’s true. Or maybe you’re mad because you’re so comfortable with the structure of church you’re used to that you’ve never even thought about whether or not it’s the right way to do things.

light in the darknessWhatever the case, wherever you land, this is what we know: we can’t sit around in our padded pews and cushiony chairs and expect the world to come to us. We have to go into the world and love them unconditionally. We have to go into the world and do justice, love mercy and walk humbly. That’s the thing, we are the light of the world. If we are going to be the light, that means we have to go into the darkness and light it up. What good is it for all the lights to spend all their time together shine their lights in each others’ enlightened faces?

The reality is, we live in a dark world. It’s messed up it so many ways. It’s broken. It’s fallen. It full of messed up people doing messed up things. But there is hope. In fact, what some have called the darkest times might very well be our finest hour. All we need is some people to share their light, and the world is waiting to catch fire.

14 “You are the light of the world. A town built on a hill cannot be hidden. 15 Neither do people light a lamp and put it under a bowl. Instead they put it on its stand, and it gives light to everyone in the house. 16 In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven.