baptism-09-21-2014On Sunday, September 21st, 2014, we will once again be celebrating baptism! We have several more who have expressed their interest in being baptized and we are thrilled to get to share in this with them!

If you’re wanting to get baptized, contact the church office to find out more.

Our basic understanding of baptism is that it is an outward expression of an internal commitment to be a follower of Jesus Christ. It’s making public what we have already decided in our hearts.

We don’t see baptism as being something that brings salvation, as that is the work Jesus did for us on the cross, once for all mankind. Because of this, we Admit that we are sinners in need of a savior, put our Belief in him as the lamb of God who died to pay the atoning price for our sins and then Commit our lives to following Him by repenting (which means to turn away) from the life we led. When we’ve made that decision, we get baptized to show the world we are now to be identified with Jesus and His cross. (If you want to know more about what it means to follow God, read this.)

With all that in mind, we also don’t see perfection as necessary for an individual to be ready to be baptized. If we needed to be perfect before we were baptized, no one would ever get baptized. But when there is a desire in us to make our lives more about Christ than ourselves, and we want the world to know we identify with Him, then it’s time. So, if you’re wanting to be baptized, but don’t think you’re ready because you’re not living a perfect life – that’s not what baptism is about. It’s not about joining the church or even that we have it all figured out. It’s that we understand Jesus died in our place, and we want to live our lives for Him. How well we do that will change as we change – and that process is called something entirely different.

If you’re ready to take that step, or want to talk about taking that step, get in touch with us soon!