Bible Reading

Wired For Story

We were created by God for story. Our brains are literally wired for stories. When someone tells a story, the same parts of the brain that light up in the storyteller also light up in the brain of the listener. I don’t have to get into science to prove my point. Just think of this: can you think of the storyline of the last movie you watched? Can you retell a story that a friend told you of something that happened to them? Of course you can. Maybe not perfectly, but mostly. Now, can you remember the last sermon you heard? If so, how much? Not nearly the same. The point is, we are wired for story and we live in a world that is telling a lot of really compelling stories. That’s why…

We recommend starting the day in God’s story. There are so many stories clamoring for our attention all day every day that it’s easy to get wrapped up in a storyline that is actually taking us away from God. Plus, science has shown the importance of the first few minutes of the day. What we put into our minds during our first few moments of consciousness have an effect on how the day goes. So, why not start the day in God’s story?

In fact, it’s good to just read it. The more your read it, the more familiar you get with it, the more it comes alive in your life.

If you would like to join in with us in our current Bible reading plan, you can click the link below. You’ll need a YouVersion account.

Get the P.L.A.Y.

Reading the Bible is good, but we shouldn’t stop there. God uses His word to transform every aspect of our lives. But transformation takes time, effort and intentionality. So we use this simply acronym to help us read God’s word for our lives with intentionality.


When you read it, slow yourself down and think deeply about it. Focus intently on what’s being talked about. Try to put yourself in the story. Minimize all other distractions. This is the biblical concept of meditation which is deeply focusing solely on God’s word.


God wants to speak to you through His word. So, don’t just read it to check it off your list. As you ponder it and take your time with it, be listening for anything God may want to say to you through it. This is why it’s important to minimize all other distractions because God speaks to us in a still small voice.


When God speaks to us, He will often lovingly address a part of our lives that is out of alignment with his plan. When he does this, we then have the responsibility to apply that truth to our lives. Not every application will be a major life-change, but a little change every day goes a long way.

Your Own Words

The last step is to put the scripture into your own words. If you’re doing the Bible reading plan which covers 2-4 chapters per day, that would be impossible. Instead of that, whatever passage stood out to you, the one God used to speak to you and the one God wants you to apply to your life, write that verse in your own words.


The Bible is the source for actual truth. The Bible shows how the world was designed to work and when we align our lives with God’s plan for life, we will thrive in ways we haven’t previously. There is truth. The earth is build on the foundations of God. The more we our lives line up with His foundations, the more like Christ we will become.