Daily Devotion

Daily Devoted Themselves

In Acts 2 we read that the first church devoted themselves daily to the apostles teaching, fellowship, breaking of bread and prayer. We aren’t on a lone ranger journey. We’re travelling together with the group of believers God has put us in. Part of being on a journey together is doing in the same direction. The other part of that is encouragement. To accomplish this we make use of two tools. The Daily Devotional Podcast and Workplace.

The Jesus Habit

We publish a daily devotional podcast called, “The Jesus Habit” for the purpose of being devoted to teaching. But there’s more to it than that. God has our church going in a certain direction. There are a lot of good teaching resources available in our highly digital society. While these are good ane beneficial, they do not always line up with the direction God has called our church. So, we seek to take 10-12 minutes a day and journey together towards Christ as a community.


We use a private community through something called “Workplace.” It’s not open to the public as we want it to be a place where people who are in a committed, covenantal relationship with others in our church family can openly share about their lives, encourage one another and share prayer requests that may not be for the public.

The primary purpose of an online community like this is to encourage one another in our walk with Christ. It’s not a place for politics or complaining about things. Apparently that’s what Facebook is for. This is where we encourage one another along the way.