now-what-logo-largeSo, we just finished our big Easter weekend, Now What? Do we just go back to normal and pretend like nothing happened. That will be the temptation. But, I hope we don’t. I also don’t expect us all to live a perfect like either.

What do I hope for us?

That we all take one step forward. That’s it. Some of us will take a giant step, others will take a baby step. But, what I hope is that we all take a step. That we don’t stay where we were before Easter weekend. Your first step might be to get plugged in serving in one of our ministries or maybe your next step is to start attending SixEight every week. Maybe your next step is to get baptized and then join a multiply group. Maybe you’re ready to join a small group. Or it could be that your next step is to get involved at a leadership level.

And those aren’t the only next steps you can take. You might just have questions about God or our church. And you can ask those here. You may have been wounded by a previous church experience, and we would love to help you heal.

All I hope for you, is that you’ve taken one step ahead as a result of this weekend. If we all do that, we’ll all be one step closer to where we need to be.

What now? One step at a time.