We all long for and desire mountaintop experiences. We want so deeply to be able to stand on the mountain with Abraham. We want to get our name written down among those in the Bible who have had great faith. But, so often, we want the mountaintop experience without being faithful in the valley. We want the glory of being on top of a mountain without the hard work of the valley.

As we continue on in our Sun Stand Still series, we look at the life of Abraham. What comes to mind when we think of Abraham is his mountaintop experience. And as significant of an experience as that was, Abraham wouldn’t have been standing on the mountain if he hadn’t first been faithful in the valley.

(For more information on Sun Stand Still, to buy to book or see more about the movement, check out www.sunstandstill.org. And a quick word of thanks for Pastor Steven Furtick and Elevation church for generously sharing resources for this series.)