Family Worship Header

This Sunday, we will be inviting the kids to join us for a time of family worship! We will have nursery available for kids who aren’t yet in kindergarten, but we will be having a time all together as one family!

What can you expect? 

We will have a time of worship and a time of teaching as we often do. But, we will also have a kids lesson shared by Mr. Jim, as well as activity packs that relate to the story we are talking about! You can also expect some shuffling around and a few more distractions that normal. And don’t worry, that’s a good thing!

How can I prepare? 

You may just want to let the kids know they will be upstairs with the grown-ups this week. Encourage them to bring their bibles, encourage them to sing along to during the music (even encourage dancing, clapping and raising their hands!) Encourage them to listen to the story and imagine themselves in it. It would also be a good time to bring their offering to share with the church, let them put it in an envelope with their name on it and such.

We will be continuing our series, “Love Mercy” and we think it’s going to be a great celebration all together! See you Sunday!

If you’re visiting for the first time:

We normally have the kids in an environment that is customized for their age. So, if you’re wondering what that looks like, make sure to come back next week! Here is a link for directions to our church! See you soon!