Go to bed GRATEful


As we wrap up each day, we want to spend the last few minutes of the day thanking God for all His blessings and all He did for us today. Research has shown that gratitude can improve general well-being, increase resilience, strengthen social relationships, and reduce stress and depression.

We are supposed to have God and His ways on our mind when we rise and when we go to sleep. We want to go to bed in the right frame of mind. This helps our mind prepare us with the right mindset for the next day.

What then are some of the key components for going to bed in the right frame of mind? Well, we’ve got another acronym for you to help.


What are you thankful for? What blessings did you experience today?


What went well today?


What did you learn today that you need to remember?


Is there anything between you and God or between you and someone else that you need to confess? Tell Him about it, He already knows.


What are you looking forward to tomorrow?

Spending a few minutes thinking through and writing down some responses to these before going to bed will help you get your mind in a good place for a good night’s sleep.