Good-SenseGood $ense is committed to working with churches of all denominations and collaborating with like minded faith-based organizations to equip individuals to be responsible and God-honoring with their finances. Our resources and events are guided by the following core values:

  • Transformational life impact – the ultimate goal is not just improved financial management but a transformed heart. Our by-line is: Transformed Finances! Transformed Lives!… and we mean it!
  • Deep integration of Biblical principles with basic financial tools – the ‘what’ and the ‘why‘ of scripture combined with clear explanation of ‘how’ to utilize basic financial tools. Great care is given to not use scripture out of context and to simplify the use of tools like a Spending Plan, Record Keeping system and Debt Reduction Plan.
  • Grace-filled approach – no guilt or shame statements, just God’s truths revealed in the way we believe Christ would have revealed them.
  • Understandable financial principles – easy to use resources with everything included for the user. Clear and simple teaching and training on a subject that, contrary to common belief, is not rocket science.
  • Cultural relevance and practical application – teaching in a way that is relevant in today’s culture and has practical, day-to-day application.
  • Flexibility – resources and events that are geared to multiple group sizes (including individual use) and which can be presented in a variety of time frames.
  • Affordability – our goal is to remove cost as a barrier to use by providing quality resources at the most affordable prices.