Handling money is a struggle for everyone. And yes I meant to say everyone. The struggles are different, but there is always a struggle. For some, it’s how to not spend it, for others it’s how to spend it. For some, you don’t have much so you need to make every dollar stretch. For others, you have a lot so you have to figure out how not to be greedy.

It’s just a struggle. Which was why we had Phil come and do the Good Sense workshop for us this past Sunday. However, since there were many who couldn’t make it, I wanted to make it available to you online.

I would also highly recommend you pick up a copy of the workbook to go along with your time listening to the audio from the seminar. If you spend the time working on your money in this way, you will be taking a step of faith in your finances. And God wants us all to be handling our money with faith.

[thaudio href=’https://www.68church.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/10/Good-Sense.mp3′] Good Sense Workshop[/thaudio]