A lot is happening at this place in just a few days…

In just a few days…

…a bunch of volunteers will be working hard to welcome our community onto our church campus.

…there will be people thinking about coming for some free food, but not sure about the church thing.

…there will be games and food and bounce houses and music and balloon animals.

…there will be a chance for you to invite your 8 to 15

…there will be a chance for you to serve

…our church will have a new name

…we will have visitors in our church

…and a lot more

There are a lot of things coming up this weekend. We are hoping and praying that these two days will be a great kickoff for the fall.

But, they will only be as good as we make them out to be. They won’t be good by chance. They won’t be good just by hoping that it’s a good weekend and sending out positive thoughts.

God wants to use us, but He requires our involvement. God doesn’t want to move in our absence. He wants to move in cooperation with us. God requires us to be active in the Mission He has given us.

Will you join us? We need your help! We need every hand, foot, mouth, like, share, check in, RSVP, etc. we can get. Will you help us partner with God in what He is calling us to do in this community?

Ways You Can Help

Help by liking SixEight Church on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sixeightchurch

Help by RSVP’ing to the Event on Facebook (and inviting friends): https://www.facebook.com/events/1376019742628664/

Help by taking some posters and hanging them up around the community.

Help by coming to the church to do trim the bushes, paint the new logo on the building, weed, etc.

Help by coming early on Saturday to set up (8 am)

Help by coming to volunteer all day on Saturday (8 am – 6pm)

Help by coming to tear down stuff on Saturday (4-6pm)