It’s More Than A Meal…More Than A Bird

In a couple of weeks, most of us are going to sit down around a table. Many of us with family we love. And we’re going to remember how blessed we are. We get to live in a great county, with amazing freedom.

At this table, we’re going to do something special – EAT! We are going to eat inordinate amounts of food. You know what I’m talking about. Mashed potatoes and gravy. Green Bean Casserole. Stuffing. Rolls. Sweet potatoes with marshmallows on top. Cranberry sauce that stays in the shape of the can it comes in (how can that be classified as sauce?). Pumpkin Pie (my personal favorite). And Turkey.

We’ll eat too much, sit around the rest of the day watching football and complaining about how we ate way too much.

At least that’s what most of us are going to do.

Not everyone is going to have that same experience. There are those who can’t afford to celebrate. They may be thankful for what they have, but they don’t have what we have. They may not be starving, but their thanksgiving is going to look a lot different than ours.

It’s more than a meal. 

“As long as people aren’t starving and as long as they have food, isn’t that enough?” I understand the question, but let me share something with you.

We have been doing this for a few years now. And what we’ve seen is much more than a meal. We’re giving out turkeys, but people are receiving something to be truly grateful for. And that’s what we see. Hundreds of people overwhelmed with gratitude because they’re going to be able to celebrate thanksgiving with a feast.

Be someone’s hero. 

It’s a big undertaking. To be honest, we bite off more than we can chew every Thanksgiving. But, every year, amazing people like yourself come through in bold fashion to make this dream a reality for so many people. We don’t do this by a couple of big donations from a few wealthy people. We do this with lots of contributions from amazing people like you. That makes you a hero. And not just a hero to the family your providing for, but you’re my hero too.

How can you help? 

Last year we gave out close to 400 turkeys. Seriously. That’s a lot of turkey. And it takes a lot of turkey to buy that much turkey. We are trying to provide 600 turkeys. 600 turkeys at 12 pounds each (many are larger than that) is 7,200 pounds of turkey. Currently turkey prices are a little over $1.00 per pound. If you can do the math, you can see we’re going to need about $8,000 to buy turkey. (Any donations received that aren’t used towards turkey will go to support the food pantry year round at SixEight Church.)

Click Here To Donate To Tons of Turkey


  • $25 provides a turkey for a family.
  • $35 provides a meal for a family of 4.
  • $45 provides a meal for a family of 6+.
  • $50 provides two turkeys.
  • $70 provides two meals.
  • $100 makes you a big bird.

If you live in the area, you can help in other ways.

  • Buy One, Give One. Many stores in our area give a free turkey if you buy a turkey. Or you get a free turkey if you spend a certain dollar amount. Or you get a really good deal if you spend a certain amount. One of the best ways you could help is simply donate that extra turkey you’re able to get when you’re doing your Thanksgiving grocery shopping.
  • Put Together A Turkey Team. We think this would be a great chance for you to team up with a few neighbors or friends, a few coworkers or family members and provide 5 turkeys. Work together to raise the money required to buy the turkeys, go buy them together and come drop them off at SixEight.
  • Get Your Church To Donate Some Turkeys. Last year we were blessed to have a few other churches contribute a few turkeys each. We serve people from all over Clark County at our food pantry every week. So, there’s a good chance we’re helping someone in your church. Get your small group, Sunday School class or whole church to rally together to donate turkeys!
  • Collect Items For The Rest Of The Meal. This year we are also trying to provide some of the rest of the staple items in a thanksgiving meal. So we will be collecting stuffing boxes, canned yams, gravy, cranberry sauce, etc. to give out with the turkey. If you want to donate those foods, that would be great as well.
  • Come Help Us Distribute. On the evening of Tuesday, November 22nd, we will be distributing everything. There will be hundreds and hundreds of people coming to get food. We could use a couple extra hands. And to be honest, I think it would be good for you to be there too.

Bottom Line

We can’t do this without the help of a lot of people. We’re a pretty small church. This is more than we can provide on our own. It’s because of amazing people like you that we’ve been able to do this the past few years. And we’re grateful. We’re extremely thankful that awesome folks like yourself step up to help us help those around us. And for that we say:

Thank You!