Good Friday:

These readings are broken up throughout the course of the day. Please find some time through the day today to meditate on each part of the events of Good Friday. We have put together a Spotify Playlist to help you think about the significance of this day. You can find it here:

April 14 (Good Friday)

(Early Friday Morning/Late Thursday Night)

Jesus Arrested

Matt 26:47-56;


Disciples Flee

Mark 14:50-52


Judas’ Suicide

Matt 27:3-10


(Mid morning)

Jewish Trials

Matthew 26:57-68


Peter Disowns Jesus

Matthew 26:69-75


(Mid Day)

Roman Trials

Mark 15:1-15


(Mid Afternoon)

Via Dolorosa

John 19:16-17

Luke 23:26




Matthew 27:32-54

John 19:18-30



Jesus Taken off the cross/Burial

John 19:31-42

Matthew 27:57-61