Today, we are starting a journey as a church. In 45 days (11 hours and 30 Minutes), it will be Easter Sunday. And on that day we will celebrate, as one big family, the empty tomb. However, there is so much that happened before that epic event that we need to know as well.

So, today we are beginning that journey. We will be sharing some scripture to read each day, as well as some other devotionally minded activities for that day. Our hope is that God will use this time to prepare our hearts for the new life he wants us to experience this coming Easter.

Will you join us for this journey?


  • Mark 1:1-13


  • What did Jesus do in this story?
  • What principle/truth do you see modeled in Jesus’ actions that could be applied to your life today?


  • What can you praise/thank God for today?
  • What ways do you need to submit to His will for your life today? (How can you apply the truth you read today to your life today?)
  • What needs do you have that you can bring to God today?
  • What do you need God’s forgiveness for today?
  • In what areas of temptation do you need God to intervene today?
  • How can God give you a Kingdom perspective today?

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