I don’t know you, but I’d be willing to bet you want to achieve your full potential. I’ll bet you know you have potential and more than that, I’ll bet you feel like you you haven’t even begun to discover all that’s possible for your life.

But, there’s a gap. A gap between where we think we could be and where we are. What is it that keeps us from taking steps toward our potential?

Well, I think there are a few things, but one of them is fear. This one is a difficult one, because we don’t really think we’re afraid of reaching our potential. And that’s not what I mean either.

But, we are afraid of one thing. Losing control. We’re afraid that if we turn the control of our lives over to someone else, if we let someone else have influence over the direction of our life, then things won’t go like we want them. But this fear of losing control creates some big problems for us. Specifically: worry, anxiety and insecurity.

On March 24th at SixEight Church, we’ll be looking at letting go of fear. We would love to walk alongside you as you start to think about what things you need to let go of so that you can start to tap into your God-given potential.

What you’ll find at SixEight is a church full of people who want to walk alongside you as you take this journey. Not only will you find a community who will walk alongside you, but you’ll find a place to belong. We believe in who God created you to be.

It might feel like a big risk to try out a church. Maybe you’ve been hurt by the church in the past. Maybe you don’t trust the church for one reason or another. And a church seems like the most illogical place to go for help in reaching your potential. We get it.

But, when you think about it, what do you have to lose? Well, when you put it that way, there’s actually quite a lot. What you have to lose is never stepping outside of where you currently are and stepping toward your potential. Fear, worry, anxiety and insecurity will keep you fenced in to the life you’re dissatisfied with.

But, if you come, you might not only find a place to belong, but you might just find that what we believe to be true could be exactly what you need to become who you were created to be.

Don’t do it for me. Don’t do it for us. Do it for you.