You know how you feel, and we would dare impose our assumptions of how you feel on you. But, from what we know about people, we know there’s an internal perception you have of yourself that is often quite different from external reality. What we mean by that is, internally you know you’ve got potential. Internally, you know what you’re capable of.

But, externally, well…that’s a different story. Kind of. We know what we’re capable of, and when the external reality doesn’t match up with our internal possibility, we tend to let our desired image take over reality. But, that’s not all.

Not only are we fighting against our desired perception we want to create of ourselves, we are also competing with all the others around us and their presentation of their life. Keeping up with the Jones’ used to be about the people on our street. But now, keeping up with the Jones’ is about all the people we know on social media. And the race can be exhausting.

Even worse, if we’re not careful, we can get so distracted by the image race that we aren’t doing what we were created to do.

Fortunately, there is an answer to this problem. And we have a plan to help you learn to let go of appearances and having an entirely different motive for life.

We’d like to invite you to join us on Sunday, April 6, 2019 when we will be learning how to let go of image, learning how holding onto that image is keeping us from our potential and learning to embrace God’s better plan for our lives.

You may be uncomfortable with the idea of going to a church. You may even be thinking how could a church possibly offer me anything to help me change? Well, we may be different from your past church experiences. We’re a community that encourages one another in this journey. And we’re about you. We believe in you. We’re here for you. We want God’s best for you. We won’t force anything on you, we just want to walk alongside you onĀ your journey.

You can keep trying to keep up with a thousand people who are trying to keep up with another thousand people, you can choose to stay on the hamster wheel of competition and comparison and hope that you’ll eventually get ahead. You can choose that.

Or you can learn to let go of what’s fencing you in. You can learn to stop being driven by what others think and learn to be driven by the most important thing in life.

The choice is up to you!