Today as we look at another of the habits of Jesus, we stop to take a look at his habit of going to the Synagogue. It is mentioned 10 times in the different gospel accounts that Jesus went to the Synagogue. He went in his home town and when he was traveling. It is one of the most noted habits of Jesus.

What does it mean to us? What effect does going to church have on our lives? What effect to being long-haul, faithfully committed to a church have on our relationship with God? Let’s take a challenging look at what it means to be in a covenantal community.

Big Idea: The church is not an optional commodity to be consumed at my convenience, it is a covenantal community to be selflessly committed to at great personal cost.
Identity Statement: I am a part of the family of God at SixEight Church. Together we are the body of Christ bringing heaven to earth.