There are a lot of great churches in Battle Ground. If you’re already going to one of them, that’s great! We’re not trying to pull anyone away from another church. In fact, please DON’T come to our church if you’re already going somewhere! (Seriously, if you do, we’ll ask you to go back!)

But, with all the great churches in Battle Ground, what makes 6:8 different from the rest?

I want to share with you what we call our distinctives. I’m not saying these things AREN’T important to other churches, I’m just saying these are what’s at the top of our list.

We are focused on being a church family.

For us, people are our focus. Not programs. We aren’t trying to build up a big children’s ministry or youth program. Not that there is anything wrong with those; we look forward to having those as a part of what we do. But for us, that’s not the point.

We’re not about building up numbers and needing to have an “Up and to the right” church growth mentality that drives everything.

We are about the people who are here and being a church family. That’s why we prioritize eating together EVERY Sunday evening. There’s something about sharing a meal that has the ability to bring people together. So we have made that a priority.

We are driven by making disciples.

After our meal on Sunday evenings, we have our “service.” But, it’s not a typical service. We do worship together, pray together, and take communion together every week. But our sermon time is different. We have a discussion around the text. Instead of listening to me talk the whole time, we have a dialogue. We give people a week to read and think about the Scripture. We give some simple tools for people to use during the week. And then we get together the next Sunday evening to hear what people have learned on their own. It’s not my goal to wow you with how awesome of a communicator I am. I want you to be amazed by God and his word!

We are invested in building up the family.

We believe in the power of the family. It’s part of God’s design. We are only together for a couple of hours each week. But you’re with your family every day. The biggest influence for the Kingdom of God is not the church, it’s the family. We work to equip the family through podcasts. We currently have an amazing women’s podcast (Girl On A Hill) and will be adding some future limited series podcasts on parenting and marriage.

We intentionally seek to bless our community.

We love Battle Ground! We love the Battle Ground Schools! We love families who choose to put their kids in Christian school, River Homelink, CAM, Homeschool, and whatever other options are out there. We don’t see our church as being opposed to any of these options. We want them all to thrive. That’s why I started helping out in the school last year, volunteering with the choir and jazz band. Now I’m actually teaching the choir class at BGHS. We want to bless our community by being here. We love what’s happening in BG, and we want to see more goodness come to life!

We long to see people brought from darkness to light.

We love it when people choose to put their faith in Jesus. But, we have a little bit different approach to that process than what you might expect. We aren’t going to pound you over the head with our beliefs. We aren’t going to pressure you to believe what we believe. We aren’t going to try to trick you into “praying the sinner’s prayer” or use any manipulative tactics. Really, we just hope that through our changed lives you’re able to see that there is something different about us. And if you are drawn to that, we’d love to hear your thoughts and see if you want to chat about it.

We’d love to meet you!

If you don’t have a church home, if you gave up on the church, if you don’t believe, if you need a place to belong, we’d love to meet you. If you have questions, feel free to reach out. Probably the best way to connect is through our Facebook page. ( Send us a message and we’ll get right back to you.

Until we meet, keep being awesome!