Love Illuminated - Title SlideThis coming Sunday we will be starting a new series called “Love Illuminated.” We will be going through the book of John and learning what it really means to live as the light of God’s love. This is an idea we have talked about a time or two, but my hope is that we will really gain a deep understanding of who Jesus was and start to model our lives after Him.

If you want to come ready to hear about the love, I would strongly encourage you to start readying through the book of John.

My hope for us as we go through this series is that we really begin to gain an understanding of the grace we are supposed to live in. There are some really amazing concepts in the book of John, and if we could begin to live according to just a handful of them, the Light of God’s Love will shine brightly through our SixEight Community and into the Hazel Dell community!

Will you join us?