As a part of “The Disciple Project” we want to develop the habit of committing passages of scripture to memory. As a means to help us to this, we have created some wall paper with the verse to memorize for the week. Below you will see a computer wall paper and a smartphone wall paper. They are a high resolution with wide margins so you can make it fit on your device.

And for this first week, we are making the printed notes that we handed out during the service on Sunday available to you online. These notes provide the daily resources to guide us all through this journey together. It is very important that we make it a habit of spending time with God on a daily basis, and that is the aim of this resource.

Click here to download: Module1Part1-WhoisGodandWhyDoesitmatter


HD computer wallpaper


Click here to download the Wallpaper


HD Smartphone Wallpaper


Click here to download the wallpaper