Monday-Morning-Mission-no-frameHere we are, another Monday Morning. And I hope and pray that you are finding yourself a little more aware of your surroundings than you have been in the past. Of course, you know where you are, where you work, where you live. But, are you becoming more and more aware of the people you walk and live and work with? Are you becoming aware of who the people are in your life that God has placed there specifically because He wants you to have an impact on their lives?

The more aware of them you become, the more you will find yourself wanting and even needing to have conversations with them. You will find yourself needing to be the salt and light to them.

Today, you will have several opportunities to talk about the most important relationship in your life – Jesus. You don’t have to preach about it. You don’t have to condemn others because of it. All you need to do is talk about Him in the way you would talk about any other significant relationship you have. How would you talk about your spouse? How would you talk about your kids? How would you talk about your grandparents?

Take on step today. Just one step. If you’ve never even mentioned Jesus, bring him up in conversation. If you’ve talked about him before, talk about Him more often. You don’t need to be John the Baptist or Billy Graham, in fact, if you try to be, they’ll sniff you out and you’ll lose the ability to speak to them. You just need to be you. And they need you to be the kind of you that cares enough about them to share Jesus with them.