Yesterday morning we defined consumer as: One whose efforts are expended for personal benefit exclusively. We also defined consumerism as the selfish and frivolous collecting of products.

Then we defined what Consumer church is:

Consumer Church is:

  • A dispenser of goods and services

  • Where people come to get fed.

  • Where people come to have their needs met through a quality program

  • Where people go to have professionals teach their kids about God.

In contrast to that is what we are trying to be as a church, Missional.

Missional Church is:

  • A body of people who is sent on mission

  • A body who gathers in community for worship, teaching and training, but then feeds themselves through the week.

  • A body who goes out and lives as the church in the world.

Our mission for this week:

is to live our lives with eyes wide open. What I mean by that is to [highlight] stop justifying all the consumeristic tendencies of our lives and to see the kind of life we are really living. [/highlight] We’ve gotten really good at that haven’t we? I know I have. We’ve gotten really good at making sure everything benefits ourselves. We very rarely give any consideration to the way we can benefit others. Take a good hard look at your life as you live it this week. See it for what it is. Don’t try to make it better than you know it really is. Just live your life, but observe it with your eyes wide open.

Let’s all look for ways we can use the life God has given us, with our time, talent & treasure, and see how we might be able to live for the Kingdom of God by Loving God and Loving others. Wouldn’t it be great to gather together next week and share stories of how we worshipped God by loving others with our time, talent & treasure? I know I would love to hear stories like that.

In fact, I would encourage you to leave a message here in the comments section of this post. Tell us the story of how you did this. We all want to hear, and you’ll encourage us by sharing!