If you were at church yesterday, you saw the YouTube video about the wounded calf. If you weren’t at church yesterday, you should go check out the sermon and see what we’re talking about. (hint, hint…)

What I would love to hear stories about this week, would be if we could rally around some of the wounded in our midst. Just like the herd came to the defense of the calf and fought the lions, I’d love for us to rally around those in our body who are wounded and need our help.

Do you know someone in our body who has been wounded or attacked and needs us to rally around them? Are you willing to bring them to church? Since we have this new thing going on called LifeApp groups, we have a great opportunity to come around those who need our help and defense.

Do you know someone whose marriage has been struggling or even crumbling? Do you know someone who is all alone and needs some community? Do you know someone struggling with an addiction? Do you know someone who doesn’t have enough food to eat? Do you know someone who’s having a hard time at work? Do you know someone whose kids are driving them crazy?

Get the idea? If there is someone you know who needs some help, bring them into our body so we can support and encourage them.

Spend your week looking and listening for stories and people you might be able to help. Wouldn’t it be amazing to hear stories of how people who were hurting and were invited into the church to get help, and they started coming to Christ as a result?

That would be truly amazing!