I know it’s not officially morning anymore, but the time isn’t the point. The point of Monday Morning Mission, is actively living out what we talk about on Sundays. What I


desperately want for all of us, is that we start to live on mission the way God intends for us to do it. At the same time, my greatest fear is that we never get beyond Sunday.

If the only time we ever live or think or even make an attempt to be who God wants us to be is for a couple hours on Sunday morning, we’re going to miss out on so much that God has for us. So, Monday Morning Mission is about how you live your life, starting on Monday morning. If we can get on mission on Monday morning, then we have a chance at living on Mission on Tuesday morning too.

So, what’s the mission for this week? What’s our Monday Morning Mission?

To happen to your life instead of letting life happen to you. 

Here’s a post you might want to check out to get a better idea of what I’m talking about. You also might want listen to the message from yesterday – Wake up from apathy to action.

As we talked about yesterday, we know what God’s will for our lives is: That our minds would be controlled by the Spirit of God. So, I challenge you this week, to spend more time asking God to show you what He wants you to do in every situation. Spend time asking God how he wants you to respond to your coworkers. Before you snap at your spouse or kids, take a few seconds and ask God to help you know how to respond. When you’re in traffic, and someone cuts you off, instead of yelling, swearing and flipping the bird, ask God to help you to react calmly.

When you’re doing this, when you’re seeking to follow the spirit’s ways for all your days, you will start to happen to your life. Actually, it will be the power of the Spirit of God at work in you that starts to happen to your life. And that’s what God wanted for you all along. He created you for a purpose, He has a plan for your life. You just have to get out of the way and let Him do it.

When you do, don’t be surprised if amazing things start happening. It tends to work that way.