Our Mission for the week is to live for the Kingdom of God instead of the Kingdom of Me.

How do we do that?

Well, for starters, in the context of our 8 to 15, we need to stop making everything about us and start looking for ways to be about the others in that group.

For instance, when you have a conversation with someone in your 8 to 15, instead of dumping on them and complaining about all the junk in your life, ask them how they are doing and then just listen. Don’t jump in and complain about your spouse or boss, kids or parents, but just listen to them and do what you can to help make those situations better.

Also, you can do something to help one of them out. Maybe offer to stay late so someone else can go home early. Or perhaps offer to take their kids out for an hour or two so they can have some time alone. Or stop and by them their favorite drink. Basically, do some random acts of kindness for one of them.

See yourself as being on a mission for them. And the mission is to love them unconditionally. The mission is to love them as you love yourself. Do for them the things that you wish someone would do for you. Not to try to get them to do it back to you, but because they are your mission.

And when they ask why you’re doing these things, tell them. Don’t preach at them, just tell them that Jesus commands us to do them. Tell them about the most important relationship in your life. Tell them all the good things Jesus has done for you and because of that, you want to do good things for others. And just leave it at that.

That’s important. If you never do these things and never season your conversations with the salt of grace, there isn’t much point in doing them all. But, if we are salt and light, we can be Jesus to them. We can be someone they trust and respect. In turn, we can be someone they ask questions to.

And eventually, we will be someone they ask about Jesus.