Yes I know it’s Tuesday. And that’s the point. Monday Morning Mission isn’t about just Monday’s, it’s about the whole week. We want you to take what we talked about on Sunday and apply it to your lives all week long – starting on Monday. So, this week, I just decided to wait a day to make that point. Monday-Morning-Mission-no-frame

What’s the mission for this week?

Well, as we talked about on Sunday, Closeness to God is found in serving. So, one of the ways we can draw close to God is by serving others.

We understand that serving others can feel like an overwhelming task. “Do I have to serve everyone?” You might ask.

While that would be great, as with most things, it’s better to get started small and grow in success than it is to start big and fail.

So, what we want you to do is Serve One person this week. Just look for one person you can serve, and serve them. If you see a need they have, meet it.

Pray for God to give you an opportunity to serve someone, and then expect Him to provide that opportunity for you.

Buy someone a coffee out of the blue, wash someone’s car, mow someone’s lawn, leave an encouraging note on their windshield, drop a plate of cookies off at their house – do something to serve someone.

Then let us know what you did, and be ready to come to church on Sunday and share it with your LifeApp group!