My-Six-Eight-Five“It is my responsibility to share my story. David can’t share my story for me. No one else can share my story. It’s my story. I am the narrator of it (insert Morgan Freeman impersonation here). God has redeemed me. God has rescued me. God has restored me. Redemption is available to everyone. But, this is my story of redemption. God has given me this story to share with others who need to hear it. God has given me this story to make redemption a real and tangible thing for those who don’t yet know. It’s on me to know it. It’s on me to share it. No one else can do it for me.”

The cross is not merely a historical event. Yes, it did happen in history. Yes it did happen just one time. But, the cross is not only something that happened a long time ago that we look back to.

The work of Christ on the cross is a new work for each person that receives the free gift. No, we are not changing scripture. I am not saying that Christ is crucified again and again. It happened once for all mankind. But, when we put our faith in that work of grace, it is new to us. In fact, it is not just new to us, it is the start of a brand new life. That work of Christ on the cross is also the death of our old life on the cross. The old has gone, the new has come.

This is not only a historical story it is in the present as well. Your present. Redemption is happening to you right now. You are redeemed. You are rescued. You are set free. You are restored into a right standing with God. Right now. Not back then, not at some point int he future. You, right now are redeemed.

This is not some ethereal event that exists outside of the here and now, but in this very moment, at the very instance you are reading this words the story of the cross has power in the present.

This is your story. It is not anyone else’s story. This is your story of how God gave you a new life. This is not a script. This is not a pamphlet. This is you. This is what God has done for you, right now. This is what God is still doing in you. This is what God has promised to continue to do for you. This is what God is leading you to. This is your story.

Your story is the only story like your story. No one else will play you. There is not a made for TV version of you. Only you can share your story. No you are not the central character of your story. The central theme is not all about you. And no, this whole universe doesn’t revolve around you. God is the center. God gets all the glory, honor and praise for redemption. But, The GOD of the universe, whom everything does revolve around put his attention, focus and desire on rescuing, restoring and redeeming you. That is your story. It does not/cannot belong to anyone else. No one else can tell it for you.

This is your story.