There are a great deal of pains in this life. There are burdens that seem impossible to bear. There are situations that seem like you’ll never get through. There are mountains that seem to high, valleys too low, desserts to dry and oceans to wide. That’s this life that we live. We live it every day. Day in, day out. We live the life of burden and pain and suffering.

But what if we didn’t?

What if we decided to try something different? What if we decided that we’d had enough of the day in, day out stuff and decided to take this life we’ve been given and make the most of it?

We’ve heard it all before. We’ve heard that there’s more to this life, that we should set our dreams high and reach for the sky. But for some reason, we stopped believing we could get there.

Somewhere along the way, we believed the lie. And it’s been stuck with us every since.

You see, the enemy has come to steal and to kill and destroy. And he is the father of lies. But for some reason we’ve believed the lie. And even harder to believe, we’ve stopped believing the truth.

Because while we do have an enemy who is the father of lies, we also have a Good Shepherd who looks out for His sheep. We have a Good Shepherd who is the way, the truth and the life. And what the enemy has stolen God wants to restore. What the enemy has killed he wanted to resurrect. What the enemy has destroyed, He wants to give new life.

So, what if you stopped believing the lie, and for just one moment believed that the God who made the Sun Stand Still. What if the God who said “with God, all things are possible,” is telling the truth?

For far too many of us, life has become a monotonous drone of survival. What what if God had a better plan for us? What if instead of simply surviving the world, God wanted you to change it? What if instead of enduring your day to day routine, God wanted you to conquer it?

What happens when you dare to ask God for the impossible?