My-Six-Eight-FiveOne of the greatest struggles I face as the pastor of SixEight Church is knowing how to lead in a way that works for everyone. I don’t want anyone to feel like they’re left out. I don’t want anyone to feel like this just isn’t the church for them.

The sad truth is, that’s impossible.

It may shock you (sarcasm) to hear that I just don’t have the bandwidth to be able to be what everyone needs me to be for them. I can’t do it all. I wish I could. I try to sometimes. But it’s impossible. I can’t be everything for everyone all the time.

This past Sunday was Vision Sunday. I shared what I’m dreaming for the coming year at SixEight. My dream is pretty simple. But, I believe it will be extraordinarily powerful when (not if) it comes to fruition.

What is that dream? I want us to move from the mentality that says “I go to SixEight Church” to a mentality that says “This is My SixEight.” I want us to get to a new level of ownership. I want you to own this church. I want you to be passionate about your community at SixEight Church. I want you take what we do personally – to be personally invested and involved.

I want us to move past seeing church as an obligation we do once a week to a joy we get to be every day. I want us to be so passionate about what God has given us to do that we wouldn’t dare miss a Sunday. I want us to be so passionate about what we get to be a part of that we can’t help but invite people into it.

I think this is a fundamental shift we need to make. I can’t possibly meet the needs of everyone in our body. But together, we can all meet one another’s needs. I can’t possibly be your everything, I will fail you. I can’t be where your hope is, I will disappoint you.

So, what does My SixEight look like?

  1. My Relationship
  2. My Community
  3. My Service
  4. My Story
  5. My 6-8

1. My Relationship with God. 

It’s my responsibility to pursue God. David can’t do it for me. My family can’t do it for me. My friends can’t do it for me. I have to take the responsibility for pursuing God. It’s on me to read His word daily. It’s on me to pray daily. It’s on me to worship daily. It’s on me to give. It’s on me to be caring. It’s on me. It’s my relationship. No one else can do it for me.

2. My Community. 

It’s my responsibility to get to know the other members of My SixEight Community. David can’t do it for me. I can’t expect someone else to make me get to know someone. I have to do it. It’s on me to say hi. It’s on me to learn someone’s name. It’s on me to invite someone over for dinner. It’s on me to go out for coffee with someone. It’s on me to support my SixEight brothers and sisters. It’s on me to care for the others God has surrounded me with. No one else can do it for me.

3. My Service

It’s my responsibility to use my gifts for the good of the Kingdom. David can’t serve for me. No one else can do what God has created me to do. The church doesn’t exist to meet my needs. I don’t come and receive. I also come to give. I play a critical role in this body. Without me, something is missing. Without the gifts and talents God has given to me, the body is crippled in what it can do. It’s on me to serve. No one else can do it for me.

4. My Story. 

It is my responsibility to share my story. David can’t share my story for me. No one else can share my story. It’s my story. I am the narrator of it (insert Morgan Freeman impersonation here). God has redeemed me. God has rescued me. God has restored me. Redemption is available to everyone. But, this is my story of redemption. God has given me this story to share with others who need to hear it. God has given me this story to make redemption a real and tangible thing for those who don’t yet know. It’s on me to know it. It’s on me to share it. No one else can do it for me.

5. My Six to Eight. 

It is my responsibility to reach out to my Six to Eight. David can’t reach them for me. No one else can reach out to them and connect with them the way I can. I cannot wait for someone else to do it for me. I have to start investing in them now. I have to start preparing the soil so that when they are ready I can share my story and plant the seed of the gospel. It is my responsibility to walk with my six to eight as they become disciples. Making disciples is what I do. Making disciples is a part of who I am. It’s not someone else’s responsibility. It’s on me. No one else can do it for me.

This is my dream for our church.

I can see down the road a little ways. And I can see this happening. The great thing is we are on our way there already. This isn’t a dramatic shift for us. This has been a part of our DNA from the beginning. We just need to take another step. We need to go to a deeper level of ownership.

As I look a little ways down the road, seeing this happening, I see amazing things only God can take the credit for beginning to take place. I can see those among us who were casual observers being passionate pursuers. I can see those who were isolated and lonely being at home and connected. I can see needs being met by those who are gifted to meet them. I can hear the stories of lives being changed for eternity. I can see those who are very far from God becoming passionate followers of Jesus Christ.

I see the impact of our fantastic little church being multiplied exponentially. I see our community being radically transformed by the redeeming power of the Gospel. I see a region that has become passionately opposed to the church being a place passionately promotes the good news of this redeeming, life-giving community.

It seems like a big dream. It seems huge. It might even seem overwhelming. But the amazing thing about it is, when we all do our part it’s not overwhelming. For me, as your pastor, it feels overwhelming. But I have to recognize that when it feels overwhelming it’s probably because I’m trying to do for you what only you can do. If this is the only step we take over the next 12 months, the step of each of us owning my SixEight, I have no doubts we will be blown away with what God will do.

Say it with me: This is My SixEight. It’s on me. It’s My Responsibility. No one can do for me what God has given me to do. 

Download this image, and put it on the lock screen of your phone to remind you, this is My SixEight.