We are not an organization. We are a community

SixEight Church

You may be feeling it right now like so many of us are. We need community. We need to be grounded in a group of people. We need to be a part of something bigger. 

What we do

As much as anything, we want to come alongside you and help you thrive in all areas of life: Spiritual, Vocational, Relational, Financial, and Emotional/Mental. We care about you as a whole person. We want to help you become healthy in every facet of life. 

Eat Together

Something mystical happens when you share a meal with someone. People have been eating together for thousands of years. It’s so important that we decided to make it a part of what we do every week at 5pm. 

Spiritual Well-Being

One of the core (hopefully) things we do as a church is encourage you in your spiritual well-being. How are you doing spiritually? 


We’re all broken people, which means there are times when we all interact with one another in broken ways. We want to help people build healthy, interdependent relationships. 

Work Life

We spend a massive amount of our lives working. Work is a good thing, but it can become toxic in several ways.

Mental & Emotional

A lot of us are stressed and have been stressed for a very long time. The stress of our world takes a toll on our mental and emotional well-being. 


Money is a touchy topic. People think the church just wants their money, which isn’t true (at least not true for us!). But finances can be one of the biggest strains on any person or relationships. 

How We Help The Whole Person 

One of the things we do to encourage you mentally, spiritually, relationally, financially, vocationally and relationally is through our two podcasts: “Girl On A Hill” and “Man They Remember.” 

Girl On A Hill

We were never meant to hide. To shrink back. To make ourselves small. Too often, we hide behind walls of fear and insecurity.

The world needs YOU. (Yes, you.) You were created on purpose, for a purpose. It’s time to lean into it. But it doesn’t stop at discovering our purpose. We want to be women who actively work to cultivate our creativity and abilities. We choose GROWTH over comfort. (Even when it’s hard. Even when it hurts.) We embrace forward progress and never stop moving towards becoming a better version of ourselves.

Man They Remember

We want to help men become better men because better men will become better Husbands, Fathers, Mentors & Friends. We want to encourage men to be the kind of man people will remember long after we’re gone. And in a good way. 

Being a good man doesn’t happen by accident. It takes time, effort, and intentionality. We have to invest in ourselves, in community with other men, and in the next generation of men. 

Our Current Teaching Series

America is more divided than it has been since the Civil War. Some experts have argued that it’s worse. Sadly, many Christians have been participating in the division. At SixEight Church, we take seriously, the call to be peacemakers and unifiers. In this teaching series, we’re inviting people to consider 7 agreements for life that will help us tune back into our higher calling and move away from divisive encampments. 

The SixEight Food Pantry

The 6:8 Food Pantry is changing names, locations, and churches! Most of the volunteer staff you have come to love over the years will be making the move with the pantry, and the service will stay very similar to what it has been for the last 9 years here at Sixeightchurch!

Check out the latest articles on the blog

Along with helpful podcasts and teach series, we often share articles to help you in your pursuit of a well-balanced life. 

Purple Faith, Week 4: Agreement #1 – Imago Dei

Purple Faith

If I were to ask you to estimate how many people on "the other side" hold extreme political views, what would you guess? I mean, how many of the people in the political party opposite of you are radicals? Take a guess. If you're a "red," what percentage of the "blue"...

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