Even at a young age, we have strived to make connections with other people. Our desperate need for friendship and connection is hardwired into our DNA. This is not by coincidence, we were created for relationship. Relationships are the reason that we exist!

Is this so hard to believe? Think of your early years as a wide eye innocent child. Why did you wake up in the morning? Why was it fun to go to school? You wanted to spend time with people, play games, and feel connected with other kids. Growing up I lived in a neighborhood with two cul-de-sacs that made it easy to keep track of a bunch of kids running around, from house to house. I remember waking up at 6:30am on Saturday mornings and going over to our friend Marc’s house. Marc, and his younger brother Brady, lived in our neighborhood’s HQ. Their house was where we would all meet up and then go make lasting memories. We did everything we could think of: baseball, basketball, football, soccer, hide and seek, rode bikes around the block, played video games, , went fishing, and created our own dangerous games. For example, we used to pull people behind a bike  with a rope tied to a scooter… Yeah many injures followed that game. The reason I remember that time of my life so vividly was because of the relationships that I had with all of the kids in that neighborhood.

Have you ever thought about your life as an adventure for relationship? It’s why we date. It’s why we have created websites dedicated to finding that perfect match for us. We think about relationships with every aspect of our lives. Some talk about it when they are going off to college and trying to figure where to go. Parents won’t move for a better paying job because they don’t want to pull their kids away from their friends. Relationships are a BIG deal. We are so consumed by them that, sometimes, we don’t take the time to look at the relationships that we do have, and whether or not they are good for us.

Do you know that relationship is why God sent Jesus? He desired a relationship with us, so badly, that He was willing to sacrifice His son so we could come to Him freely. John 15:13-14 says “Greater love has no one than this, that someone lay down his life for his friends. You are my friends if you do what I command you.” Jesus uses the word friend to describe his relationship with us. He laid down His life for us. There is no greater love then that. He wouldn’t do something like that unless He wants to know us, intimately. Scripture also talks about the connection between Jesus and the Church as a marriage. We, as the church, are the bride of Christ. Is there not a stronger connection then when two people offer themselves as living sacrifices to each other through marriage? While our lives revolve around relationships, there is one relationship that I know gets neglected. Our relationship with God. If we do not have a solid foundation in Him, all other relationships are going to suffer and crumble.

Relationships tell people a lot about your character. Who you are as a person. If you are able, and willing, to push through hard times with people and stand when it is easier to flee, you are a good friend. Your character is sound. On the flip side, if you flee at the first sign of trouble with all of your relationships, you would be classified as a poor friend. Your character could be in question if this is a pattern in your life. If this is you, it could be a good indication that you are fleeing from the most important relationship that you can have. A relationship with God.

How are you going to make God a priority for the days, weeks, months, years to come?

What changes are you going to make so you are not living around God with with God?

Spend time with Him. He loves you so much. He gave up his son for you, so you could come to Him freely.

What kind of friend are you committed to being?