There are some amazing people at SixEight Church, and I wanted to share with you how some of them are working hard right now to gather enough turkeys for this year’s “Tons of Turkey.” These are normal people like you and I. They have families. They have expenses. They could all give justifiable reasons for why they shouldn’t be spending this money. But they are being generous. They have gone above and beyond. Not so they could get praised or patted on the back. But because they want to help someone have a great Thanksgiving.  You may think you aren’t able to do anything to help, but I bet you could do something. If you can’t afford to get a turkey on your own, maybe find another person or two who can help you!

The first one is Timilee. She has been a part of SixEight since before it was SixEight. She has also spent a lot of time helping in the Food Pantry! She just went to Winco and bought 5 turkeys (and I think got a 6th for free). Check out the deal she got in a picture from her Facebook post below!

Way to go Timilee, thanks for caring!


The next person I want to share with you is Nicole and her family. Nicole shared this info in her post: “Wrote this on my car windows. When we went to winco came back to the car had one turkey under my bumper and one lady stopped me on the way out and she went in to claim her free turkey with her bill. Plus 6 others from friends and us. Great work! More are needed but a great start. 9 down 491 to go. I know of two more for sure tomorrow. Keep them coming!”



The last family I want to share with you did something really cool. At least I think it’s really cool. Part of the reason I think it’s cool is because I shared the idea this morning in our service. The idea was go around to different Albertsons and Safeway stores and take advantage of their buy one get one free deal.

They did just that! Below you will find pictures from their adventure this afternoon. They were able to get a total of 7 turkeys to donate to Tons of Turkey. On top of that, they were celebrating a birthday today!




As of this morning we had 158 turkeys. Over one ton. We still need to gather at least another ton of frozen birds. If you don’t want to do turkeys, you can do frozen chickens or hams. Will you help us out by going to grab a few turkeys and then dropping them off at church tomorrow morning? We are praying for a steady stream of birds flocking to the church in the morning! We can’t do it without you, none of us can do it on our own, but together, we can do this.

And it’s going to be amazing. Will you be a part of it?!