This past weekend we started a new series called Sun Stand Still. And actually, it was more than just a new series, it’s a whole new framework for us as a church. It’s a new way for us to start praying for ourselves, our families and our church. Being a church body who just survives the world is no longer acceptable to us. We want to be a church that changes the world. After all, the work that God has done in us changed our world, so why wouldn’t we want others to experience that same, life-changing God?

When Joshua prayed his Sun Stand Still prayer, he did it boldly. He did it in the presence of his army. He didn’t pray it quietly in case God decided not to answer His prayer. He prayed it out in front of everyone – expecting God to answer it. He prayed boldly and God answered in a powerful way.

So, that’s exactly what we want to do as a church. We want to pray bold, audacious prayers of faith and expect God to show up.

Will you join us? Will you start praying a Sun Stand Still prayer for you life and share it with us on this page? Along with exercising your boldness, we want to join with you in prayer. We want to stand with you and see God make the Sun Stand Still in your life as He helps you change your world, not just survive it.

5 Steps to a Sun Stand Still Prayer

1. Seize God’s Vision for your life.

2. Activate Your Faith and approach God with boldness

3. Ask specifically for what is humanly impossible

4. Make your move and advance toward the answer

5. Give God all the glory.

(*These steps are Adapted from the Book “Sun Stand Still” by Steven Furtick.)

 Share your Sun Stand Still prayers in the comments section below!