The Jesus Habit

First, Why? 

To be honest, it’s because we’re kind of fed up. We’re fed up with people having a mediocre experience with God when they were created for so much more. We believe deeply that every believer, because of the work of Jesus Christ, is now able enter the holy of holies, the place where God’s presence dwells. But there’s a problem.

Too many Christians have settled for a vicarious Christian experience where their only experience with God is through someone else’s teaching or experience. That’s wrong. It’s not supposed to be that way. That’s not what Jesus died to give us. Jesus died to do away with that.

But for some reason, we settle back into those old ways and rely on someone else to tell us about God instead of knowing God.

What is “The Jesus Habit”? 

It’s our focus as a church on making our new nature in Christ, second nature. As a church, we make a pretty large investment in the people of our church and their walk with God. Many of the people of our church have made a commitment to grow in one new Jesus Habit in their life, whether that’s prayer, Bible reading, Bible study, devotional content, among others.

What we want: We know that most, if not all Christians, want more of God in their lives. We know that most Christians express a serious desire on Sundays to be more committed to walking humbly with God in the week ahead.

What we know: Unfortunately, most Christians wake up on Monday morning without any way to really do things any differently in the week ahead. So that desire for more of God gets devoured by the routine of Monday-Friday living.

What we do: So, we have been on a journey for the past 6 years to learn how to help people become fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ. Not good little Christians, who do religious duties so they can feel better about themselves. But Christ followers who are intentional about creating the necessary support structure in their lives to give God the room He needs to transform our hearts.

To accomplish this, we produce a weekly guide, with pages for scripture reading & study, journaling, scripture memory, as well as tips from scientific studies to help us adopt the Jesus Habit into our lives. We also publish a daily devotional which we share in printed form, but that’s only for members of SixEight Church. There is an audio version available in podcast format.

You can find the podcast at 

If you have questions, or you’d like more information, please contact us!