It’s so fun to be a part of what God is doing here at SixEight Church. I deeply hope you feel that way too. Is everything perfect? No. But, most of our problems are related to growth and mission. And those are the best kinds of problems to have!

We have a deep desire to be used by God to do things that only God can take the credit for. That’s why we are working to hard to make sure we’re doing what God has commanded us to do as His church. Jesus is the head of this church, and He gave us a very clear command to make disciples. We are unquestionably committed to that command, so committed that the great commission is our vision. We want to be a church of disciples making disciple-makers. And not just any kind of disciple.

50-270-GraphicThere are disciples who believe some very strange things. We are constantly digging into what the Bible says a disciple is supposed to be. And that’s why our mission is to be disciples who Do Justice, Love Mercy and Walk Humbly. There is a lot that goes into that, but those three phrases are great summaries that the prophet Micah used to summarize those things God has commanded us to do.

Jesus took it from three down to two: Loving God and Loving Others. If you look at Micah 6:8, you will notice that to accomplish each of the three phrases, you have to be Loving God and Loving Others. If you’re doing justice, you’re loving God because that is dear to the heart of God. And you’re loving others because that’s what doing justice does. The same is true for loving mercy and walking humbly. All three require us to be loving God and loving others.

Believe it or not, this vision and mission is what is at the heart of the 50/270 challenge. But first, let me share just a little more of our story with you.

I have been blessed to be the pastor at SixEight for almost 2 years now. We have seen God do many things that only God can take the credit for. Including baptizing 19 people in those 2 years. We saw God bring us a food pantry ministry that gave out over 486,000 pounds of food last year. And just in the past couple of weeks, God has led 2 separate ministries to us, seeking ways to partner in caring for homeless in the area. And God is growing this church. Our average attendance in 2013 was 76 and that average increased to 93 in 2014. We had 2 kids in the entire kids program on my first Sunday. for 2014, we had an average of 19.

We are a small church with a big vision. A vision that started with a desire to do those things that the church was given to do in the New Testament, but so many have stepped away from. We want to care for the Fatherless, the widows, the hungry, the poor, the foreigners. That’s why we partner with Fathers In The Field, so that fatherless boys can have a mentor father. And it’s all so that God can build the Kingdom through His work He is doing through us in His world for His people He cares so deeply about.

That’s why we are doing the 50/270 challenge. We are looking for 50 people or households to commit to giving $270 per month. That’s what we need to operate each month. All that money goes to keeping us on mission and reaching those we have been called to reach, caring for those we have been called to care for.

Will you join us in that mission?¬†For some in our church body, that is possible. For some that will be a sacrifice. If you work a minimum wage job, that might be a challenge. But, I’m asking you to consider making the sacrifice. Not just for our mission, but for what it will do for you. What would happen in your finances if you put God first in them? What would happen if you sought to glorify God in the dollars that you make as well as the way that you make them? Try it out and see what God does. If you want to know more, you should read Malachi 3.

Even if you’re not a part of our community, maybe you’re not even in the same country. If you want to be a part of fulfilling the great commission the way God laid out for us in the New Testament, we would ask that you consider partnering with us.

Can you imagine being a part of a community like this? You hear me say often: “Don’t take this for granted.” There aren’t very many churches doing what we do. We say that with humility, because it isn’t our idea. This is what God wanted us to do. But, we do feel passionate about being this kind of church. Will you join the dream?